Is it Okay to get Married Young?

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Is it Okay to get Married Young?

People are very skeptical with this phenomenon that should they get married early or not? Love is like a natural feeling that can make you get convinced to fight all odds in order to live with that person. However, everyone has a different perspective towards marriage undoubtedly.

Some people feel marriage as a pressure as they want to give themselves enough time to explore their potentials. It also depends on the couple who maybe wants to give their partners enough time to settle mentally and financial. Honestly, it is more of a person's choice. Some people consider early marriage as a bliss whereas some people see it as restriction and major responsibility that they are not ready for. There are always two sides of a coin, let us consider both of them vividly.

Perks Of Getting Married Young

#1. You Grow Up Together

The people who get married early in their life tend to spend most of their life together. More importantly, they get married early so they actually also spend their years of growing together. You have the opportunity to know the person in and out when you are getting married early. You can eventually be proud of the person your partner has become because you have seen all the struggle they have gone through, in order to achieve what they have. Witnessing everything through the process of growing up is beautiful which the couples who marry early get.

#2. No Baggage Of Any Ugly Past

You have less past and fewer heartbreaks. You actually saved yourself for marriage. The first adult relationship you have is your marriage that becomes your one and only. You do not regret about your pasts as you have less of regrets made before you got married. You hadn't spend your most of the time with someone else and got married to somebody else. You relatively have less baggage. Couple getting married early is carrying less baggage to a relationship. Less time spent single exactly means less stress of the previous relationship, fewer exes, and less drama obviously.

#3. You Learn Those Hard Lessons Sooner

If you get married late, there are more expectations and more idolizing the happily ever after. However, people who get married together actually face such things in their life way before everyone else. The bitterness of the real world is faced by the couple together. The real lessons of love, sacrifice, commitment, compromise, and companionship come their way through marriage. The struggle in life teaches you a lot of things which you anyway have to face. So as they say “the sooner, the better.”

#4. Low Expectations Or No Expectations

When you grow elder and mature, you have a pile of expectations from the other person because of the obvious reason. If you will spend years to plan the perfect wedding and waited for a perfect husband, you will be disappointed if you won’t get even a single thing from those expectations. Therefore, if you get married early you will have no such expectations, instead, will go along with falling in love gradually by accepting flaws of the other person as well. It is so easy to get integrated with each other when you marry early.

#5. You Have A Pile Of Wild And Crazy Memories

The reason why early marriages are so beautiful and adorable is that they have all the crazy memories while literally growing up together. All the passion-fueled and ridiculous fun that you have with your partner is priceless. That adventurous romance and passionate moments are something you will always be grateful for if you marry early. You become mature together and have those stupid and unforgettable memories together for a lifetime. Most of the crazy and wild memories usually come when you are young and full of energy. When you get married early, you get a chance to share them with your partner.

#6. So Much Better Sexual Life

It is proven in many surveys that the sexual life is more exciting and fresh in the marriages happen in your 20s. When you have been enough people that you have experimented almost everything from your sex life, what will be there to offer or explore with your spouse. When you get married at a younger age, you have every experiment to do with your spouse, and it will keep your sex life so much better and active. In order to keep the sex life interesting, there should be something new to offer every time you are on the bed.

#7. Sharing All Achievements And Milestones

Since you spend most of your life together and meet early in your life, you have everything to achieve in your life. When you get married late, you are already done with most of your struggles and financially secure. However, facing such struggle together makes the achievements and rewards more special and precious. All the progress, achievements and accomplishments keep you holding hands together. If a couple sees the best and worse of each other and still stays together, they hold it forever. Love can happen anytime, anywhere. There is no restriction on heart, therefore do whatever your heart asks.

Getting Married Young Is The Worst Idea Ever 

#1. You Don’t Want To Lag Behind In Your Career. Do You?

Career opportunity can come anytime. If someone is passionate about their career and want to follow their dream, the only time for them is when they are young and energetic. Once you are married, you get into a lot of restrictions and responsibility. Who knows you get an opportunity across the country, but marriage may restrict you to grab that opportunity. Once you are settled in your career, you might want to settle down for a person who deserves you.

#2. You Are Not Enough Mature Or Probably Still A Baby

You are most probably a baby when it comes to making decisions and holding responsibility. How can you be able to take such a huge responsibility? It is only said that nothing changes after, but it changes almost everything. A million of things will be important to you at that time which will vanish after marriage. There is no use of getting into something you are not ready for. Taking decisions and being mature is just not about earning decent, it is way more than that.

#3. Not Ready For Such A Big Responsibility

Marriage is a relationship which comes with a dozen of unexpected responsibility. If you think that very soon you will be able to get your way clear for everything, you are certainly mistaken, buddy! Sometimes you don’t even know what you are getting into. By any chance, if your husband or wife keeps irritating you the whole day, what is the way out then? You need to realize what responsibility you are going to take in order to have a happily ever after.

#4. You Won’t Gain Experience In Travelling

Travelling is something that provides you the most experience, learning and life lessons. It makes you grow as a person and makes you maturer than you ever was. As far as marriage is concerned, it somewhere limits that experience. Since you are just not responsible for yourself, you are responsible for your spouse too. Moreover, if you both have full-time jobs, it becomes impossible to work out a trip in between. You will just strive the whole life to travel as you did when you were single.

#5. Most Close Friends Are Made When You Are Friends

Admit it or not, you know it is true that you make your closest friends when you are unmarried. Your most productive and meaningful moments with friends will be when you are single. When you are unmarried, you don’t have to think about the other person and don’t have to restrict yourself. Whether you are dancing being high on vodka the whole night or you are eating a huge pizza for the breakfast, your friends will understand and will never try to change you, even for good. They are called friends for a reason. But once you are married, you are just restricted to decent meetings and sober drinking.

#6. Won’t Be Able To Explore Your Freedom

Freedom is so valuable that once it is gone, you will die to crave for it. Freedom allows following your drive. Whatever you want to do or to pursue, no one will ever stop you do that. In today’s time, freedom is essential like breathing. There is only sometimes when you have enough freedom that you can do whatever, literally whatever you feel like doing. If you are not able to utilize that time enough, there is no use of that time.

#7. You Won’t Be Certain What You Want

In a very young age, till the time you are not mature, you are never certain of what kind of partner you want in life. You never realize what kind of person you want to spend your whole life with. Getting in a relationship before analyzing what kind of partner you want, it will always be harmful to you in the long run. It is better to stay single before you figure you what exactly you want from life and your partner than getting married to someone whom you don’t know properly.

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility and demands compromises and sacrifice at all stages. But it varies from person to person whether you are ready to take that responsibility. A person can be mentally, physically and financially ready for marriage when he/she young and vice versa. Therefore, the ball always lies in your court, take your chances! Let us know how do you feel about the concept of marriage in the comment section below.

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My perspective on married life is a simple one that if you talk to the girl you like long enough to come to the conclusion whether you can marry her or not. I understand marriage comes with a lot of pressure but the pressure can be neutered when you really understand the person inside out. Slowly I brought myself to the realization that all life is filled with struggles and hardships and this structure is an old one. The invisible yet inevitable law of life here is you either grow or pay more for being the same and loneliness is a certain way of making heart’s miserable and wretched. I did not get married to get away from my loneliness or for intimacy purposes. I just had the outlook right from the start that marrying a person with whom I can share my thoughts, activities. interests and loathings is the best way to spend my time. My wife has the same temperament about it and is a hardworking person just like. I was afraid that their would be ego clashes in the marriage but I don’t believe in anybody’s domination over another as both of us live by the right thing and deny the wrong thing. Sometimes she arrives at it first at other times I do. Any crisis can be handled well if we understand that we are resilient beings and we do survive every moment after all but our last. I did not marry for traditional values as anything that is done in a same way by a lot of people comes to count as a tradition or for greed of regular intimacy. I got married because I wanted affection and closure and honesty something which I could not get from anyone else but my wife. Communication and sex are two main ingredients for the recipe of love and we have just that. The day to day life will wear anyone out, it’s good to have a person who can charge you up again. Don’t ya think ?

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