What are the disadvantages of watching TV?

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What are the disadvantages of watching TV?
  • Everything no matter how good it is has its pros and cons. TV is one of them. In every house, TV is the one thing which is not switched off. TV is watched by everyone, either the whole day or at least for some entertainment. Well, TV is full infotainment and gives a good exposure, but the side-effects are many. Let’s check on them.

  • The first perilous disadvantage of TV is that it can act as a silent killer through obese. If a person watches too much TV, without giving the body relaxation, then obesity will begin. One will become couch potato as he or she will be so engrossed with the TV program that they won’t know what they are eating until it ends. And when the harm is done, they would cry over it.

  • Watching too much TV can make the eyes irritate. It can lead to unclear vision. At times, too much of TV is bad as it can take away all our time. We won’t know when we started and we wouldn’t be able to do important things. Our priority would change. We wouldn’t mind about the things which are ensuing around. “Most people gaze neither into the past nor the future; they explore neither truth nor lies. They gaze at the television.” (Radiohead)

  • Through TV programs the minds of kids and youth are corrupted. They learn to do unwanted stuff. They will start to crave for seeing inappropriate things. Most importantly they will become rebels and wouldn’t obey their parents. They will start behaving like the characters on TV and would want to do superhero stuff. Many teens have tried doing impossible things and they died. A study says that the people who watch too much of TV would die sooner than the others.

  • Sometimes watching TV can become an addiction through which people are not able to get out. Every day they want to see the soap operas which come regularly. In doing so, they forget their most vital work. Media corrupts people into believing the untrue stories. And the people believe it totally without thinking about it. This is the major problem of TV. The news may sometimes be altered, and the truth behind may never appear. The genuine things are hidden behind a mask and people blindly believe in it. In the book, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury says, “The television is 'real'. It is immediate; it has dimension. It tells you what to think and blasts it in. It must be right. It seems so right. It rushes you on so quickly to its conclusions your mind hasn't time to protest, 'What nonsense!'.”

watching TV is hazardous.

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