What are the advantages of watching TV?

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What are the advantages of watching TV?

Have you ever spent hours on your sofa staring at the small screen, not realizing how long you may have spent without even eating or drinking at all while ignoring or turning a deaf ear to all your phone calls or messages or your doorbell? Have you been fighting over the remote with your sibling just to watch that favorite and much-awaited program of yours?  Well then go ahead and call this so called 'idiot box' your best friend!  Yes, I am referring to that  black flat screen staring back at you from across your bedroom or living room inviting you now and then , distracting you from all your important work, waiting for you when you're  out somewhere and looking forward to giving you company at home! So how about just sitting back on your comfy couch and contemplating upon the advantages that this wonder device has bestowed on mankind.  Here's television could be a blessing in disguise.

advantages of watching TV

The advantages of watching TV depends on the purpose that the individual may have for owning it.For those of you who are stressed out after a hard day's labor, watching TV could be a great stress buster! So just pull out that remote and start navigating through your favorite channels after you're back home from work.  Again for the knowledge thirsty audience, just check out the news channels and other informative channels providing unlimited awareness of things they probably had not imagined before!  For kids and teens, television could make them smarter and enhance their know-how. So parents, who feel this is a total waste for them, bust this myth. Give your kids some space and let them enjoy what they want through the television at home rather than being with the bad company outside a home.  For the older generation, this could be their favorite companion as it would help them while away their time taking off their worries and thoughts from their mind and keeping them happy and happiness, in turn, would keep them fit and fine. So TV is a  great device that caters to people of all ages and serves their respective purposes.  

The twentieth century being the scientific era saw the various wonders of invention and technology. Science is a form of knowledge and knowledge is infinite. It is science that has revolutionized every walk of life. One such revolution brought about by the magic of science is Television. Invented by J.L.Biard, this has been one of the most brilliant invention of mankind that has made its mark till date. This power packed device has won over the hearts of every household as the best means of information, communication, and entertainment.  

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