Most innovative android apps

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Most innovative android apps

Android Smartphone becoming a necessity,

It is the time that you should you have some innovative apps on your phone so that these can be used when the need arises.

1. Word Lens

An innovative app which translates content written in a foreign language in your native language. This app comes to use when you are traveling in a foreign country and need to understand the signboards.

2. Thief tracker

This app takes picture of the person through the front camera of the person who tries to unlock your phone more than three times. The details of the location are mailed to you and will help you track the smartphone.

3. Photomath

Many of us including me never understood Math. We did not have Photomath at that time, but we have it now. The app will help you solve any complicated Math problem step by step and will also explain how it was done. I guess the job of Math teachers is in danger now!

4. Clap to Find

Remember the trouble you had last time to locate the phone when it was on silent mode. This is an innovative app which will make the phone ring, every time you clap to locate a phone on silent mode.

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