From 'No One' To 'Someone': People Who Got Famous Accidentally

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From 'No One' To 'Someone': People Who Got Famous Accidentally

The internet has been doing wonders for people these days. You can be famous overnight if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. That's what exactly happened with some internet sensations. Their mere presence at a particular event or their picture fetched them stardom in a matter of few hours. Don't believe it?

Here’s a list of some people and their fascinating stories of how they became famous accidentally!

#1. Zeddie Little

Imagine a marathon guy giving a run to all the celebrities because of his ridiculously good looks! Well, yes. Zeddie Little, 25, just did that. An ordinary boy with a college degree struggling to build a career in PR goes for a marathon and becomes an overnight sensation. He was photographed while running, and once the photos were uploaded, his went viral for the good looks and the charming smile. He is apparently the face of the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.” Since March 31, his pictures have been viewed for more than 1.25 million times on Flickr. Once the photos went viral, they were constantly photoshopped and converted into the funniest memes ever.

(Image Courtesy: Quora )

#2. Balpreet Kaur

Balpreet Kaur, a baptized Sikh woman, became famous for her looks too. They were not called good but “confusing.” An anonymous photographer photographed her. The picture was uploaded on Reddit, showing Balpreet standing in a queue having facial hair, captioned, “I’m not sure what to make of this.” The photo went viral, and people started talking about the gender neutral looks of the Sikh girl. After suffering tremendous bullying due to the picture, Balpreet took a stand and commented on the picture saying that it’s how people treat her. She is not trying to prove a point but is only following her religion. She also expressed that she has always been judged for her looks, but she doesn’t care much about it. You Go Girl!

(Image Courtesy: Equitas health)

#3. Alex from Target

A random picture on the internet can make you an overnight sensation. #alexfromtarget was a trend on twitter when a consumed employee was photographed by a customer. She posted the picture on her twitter account captioning it as “Alex from Target.” It took less than 12 hours of the initial tweet when a Twitter account linked to “Alex from Target” amassed about 300,000 followers, and in the later days, #alexfromtarget was tweeted over 800,000 times. The 16-year-old cashier became so famous that he even appeared on the Ellen show which had over 3 million views on YouTube.

(Image Courtesy: YouTube )

#4. Tardar Sauce Aka The Grumpy Cat

Not only humans, but the internet has also been good to animals. In the world of memes, a single picture can make or break a person’s life, and it is doing the same for their pets too. The Grumpy Cat’ photo was posted on Reddit by the owner’s brother. The owner who was a waitress before her pet cat became an overnight sensation has earned over a $100 million from the Grumpy cat’s paid appearances, her book deals, a modeling career and few other endorsements. The cat is so famous that she has about 16 million views on YouTube, 7 million followers on Facebook, 500,000 followers on Instagram. She is all over the place these days with her pictures being printed on coffee mugs, T-shirts, phone cases and wallpapers and even two books; Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book and The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy

(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#5.Sammy Griner

Remember the meme of a kid at a beach with his fist clenched, filled with sand, looking like he just conquered the world, or at least, a sandcastle? The boy is real, and he is called Sam Griner. The photo that made him so famous was taken by the mother when he was just 11 months old eating sand from the beach. The mother posted it on her Flickr account, and it was only after two years that the picture was posted on the internet with a kid crying behind Sam, captioned “I hate sandcastles.” Since then the picture has been photo shopped into various memes. Griner is now the “success kid,” and his photo is used for inspiring and motivational memes. Our little Sammy also got the chance to star in commercials for Virgin Media and Vitamin water.

(Image Courtesy: What News)

Let us know in the comment section below about any other such stories that you heard.

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