Places To Avoid And Go For When You Need Cash For Gold

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Places To Avoid And Go For When You Need Cash For Gold

There are a few places and vendors that you should summarily reject without a second thought and there are a few where you should go for after careful consideration and research when you want cash for your gold. A little diligence and knowledge will save your from being scammed and deprived from the actual value of your gold’s worth. You will find several rogue gold buyers appearing from nowhere. These are the one you should seriously avoid as they can become your worst nightmare if you sell gold coins or jewelry to them. They conduct mobile business and not licensed or regulated therefore making them hard to find for the second time for recourse.

Avoid Gold Parties

Just like you will find rogue gold buyers in tents and in parking lots, at roadside stands or at hotels while hosting conventions, you will also find several gold parties hosted at several houses. The primary intent of both is to underpay unsuspecting people wanting to sell their gold. Follow the rule of thumb that says:

• Never sell gold to anyone from out of town or whom you do not know very well personally that deals with gold transactions honestly.

• Avoid people hosting gold parties as they usually work for a gold buying company and are often after the cut they will receive from the gold amassed at such parties.

Like the shops that offer cash for gold NYC, lowballing is the name of the game at all these gatherings.

Tips To Sell Gold

If you want to sell gold safely and also have a chance of recourse you must always go for shops that are licensed and regulated by the government. Ask for a copy of their license and if the shop is reliable and trustworthy, then it will be glad to oblige. Remember, once you sell or intend to sell your gold it will be melted in a kiln and the scums will be separated to get the pure gold only. Therefore, it is better that you are sure before your gold hits the kiln.

Look For Online Compliments

The best and most significant tip is to check with the Better Business Bureau first and look for complaints and then think of using the buyer. Apart from that, you must also look online for compliments regarding the shop you intend to visit to sell off your gold for cash. Here you will find both complaints of buyers who wronged the customer and praises about the buyer who are reliable and offers quality service and prices.

Deal Personally Always

It is best nit to deal with mediators or mail your gold coins or jewelry to the prospective buyer, especially if you do not have any written guarantee of the shop that your gold will be returned if you are not satisfied with the shop, their service or the price offered by them. Always refer to NGC to find out the retail value of gold so that you know what to expect from your gold sale.

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