What Cameras do Popular YouTubers use?

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What Cameras do Popular YouTubers use?

Don’t you love watching YouTube videos curated by YouTube vloggers? Although the popularity of YouTubers is not dependent on their content only, we know that content plays the major role in their fame but, an equally important role is played by the camera too! There are some selected cameras used by the YouTube vloggers for filming YouTube videos. 

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There are a plethora of YouTuber filming their youtube videos using specialized vlogging cameras for an HD finish and brilliant appearance. If you are an aspiring YouTuber or love to film videos, here are some of the best cameras for YouTube that famous vloggers use. 

#1. Canon Powershot G7 X

Price: $1000 (approx.)

Used By: CutiePie, Faze Rain, Joey Graceffa


• Amazing auto focus

• Interchangeable lens

• Works perfectly in low-light

• Exclusive Features- slow motion videos, time lapse, wireless connectivity, flip touchscreen

It is considered to be the best vlogging camera for shooting by YouTubers.

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(Image Courtesy:  CNET)

#2. Canon EOS 70D

Price: $1199 (approx.)

Used By: Aspyn Ovard, McJuggerNuggets, Zoella


• Quick and Correct Autofocus

• Long Battery Life

• Provides the best autofocus in its price range

You can also buy different types of lenses for the camera for filming YouTube videos. This will enhance the quality of your video just like the famous vloggers cameras.

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#3. Canon Rebel lineup

Price: $1011(approx.)

Used By: Jenn Im, Laurdiy, Connor Franta, Trisha Paytas


• Awesome price range in DSLRs

• Vlogging camera in best price

• Flip out screen

It’s newest models include Canon EOS Rebel T5i and the T6i. The lenses can be attached to all the cameras.

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(Image Courtesy:  Canon USA)

#4. Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS

Price: $779(approx.)

Used By: BFvsGF and CTFxC, Shaytards


• Extremely compact and handy

• Good quality recording for videos (1080p)

• Supports WiFi

It provides high-quality videos in low price and is, therefore, the first choice of amateur as well as professional YouTubers.

Image result for Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS

(Image Courtesy: Camera Egg)

#5. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Price: $780(approx.)

Used By: Jennxpenn


• Extremely reliable Battery Life

• Comes in dynamic price range

• Gives professional outputs

This camera is especially recommended for YouTubers who have to record a lot of videos in short span of time. Also, one can purchase different lenses and use the one that suits the need most precisely.

Although if you are just starting your YouTube channel, then, it is recommended that you go for cheap vlogging cameras. Once you start to gain some popularity, you can invest in expensive cameras and buy all sorts of lenses too.

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One most important thing to remember while buying a camera for vlogging is its color perception. Basically, you should buy a camera that produces the exact (or almost) same color on film as in reality. This makes the videos look more appealing, realistic and attractive.

Image result for Canon EOS 5D Mark III

(Image Courtesy:  CNET)

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