5 Sophisticated Robots That Look Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

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5 Sophisticated Robots That Look Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

Humans have always been obsessed with the process of creation, be it their own or creating one in their likeness. This is what has given birth to AI and if you are thinking that hi-tech robots that are capable of doing unbelievable feats are only limited to sci-fi movies, think again. 

Many such human-made machines have ushered in this new-age of technological development. Some of these robots are utterly unbelievable and are a result of days of labor and money.

5 Sophisticated Robots

#1. ASIMO by Honda

This one is called the most advanced humanoid in the world and also is the most expensive one to have ever been created. It costs around US $250,000 to bring ASIMO into existence. The robot is 130 cm tall and weighs approximately 48 kg. It is extremely advanced and can adapt to any surrounding effortlessly which is why it can move around in crowded places such as train stations, malls, and other outdoor places. The most recent version of this amazing robot was launched in 2011. There was a lot of improvement made on its autonomy, its balancing capabilities and other forms of technology in use for ASIMO.

(Image Courtesy: TurboSquid)

#2. ATLAS Unplugged by Boston Dynamics

Since PETMAN turned out to be such a huge success, Boston Dynamics came out with a humanoid artificial intelligence being that has high-mobility and can easily acclimatize with outside environment and rough terrains. The robot stands at the height of 5.9 feet and weighs around 330 pounds (150 kg). It can make use of his limbs to scale heights and can also lift heavy things. The robot can manipulate his environment, and the first of its kind was introduced back in 2013. The new version of this robot is called Atlas Unplugged and has been designed purely for search and rescue purposes with articulate hands full suite of sensors.

(Image Courtesy: Nimblechapps)

#3.  Romeo by Aldebaran Robotics

A significant feature that all robots or AI do not have is the ability to feel emotions. Aldebaran Robotics intended to change that with their revolutionary humanoid robot. The vision behind the creation of Romeo was a genuine personal assistant who can feel emotions. The AI humanoid robot has some remarkable features such as moving eyes, human-robot interaction, force control, the vestibular system. etc. It is 146.7cm in height and weighs 36.66 kgs. Romeo is made with the intentions to become a robot that is a leader in the area of robotic care giving. It is lightweight humanoid that is made out of carbon fiber and rubber. The robot is capable of hearing, speaking, walking and being able to see the entire 3-dimensional environment.

(Image Courtesy: Aldebaran Robotics)

#4. ICUB by RobotCub Consortium and Italian Institute of Technology

ICUB is a cognitive humanoid developed by the RobotCub Consortium. The robot learns and enhances its cognitive skill by interacting with humans and the environment. It has a total of 53 motors that help him in moving its limbs. It is 104cm tall and weighs 22kgs and allows for a safe and gentle interaction between humans and robots.

(Image Courtesy: Flickr)

#5. Kuratas by Suidobashi Heavy Industry

Kuratas is a humanoid AI that you can ride and also control using a Smartphone. It was developed by Kogoro Kurata and Wataru Yoshizaki and created by the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

(Image Courtesy: NoveltyStreet)

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