Samsung Fold-able Smartphone

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Samsung Fold-able Smartphone

If news reports are to be believed, Samsung is working on two Galaxy X1 fold-able devices which could be announced in the coming days. This news has come after several rumors which were making the round of the market. According to these rumors, Samsung was looking forward to launching the foldable smartphone in the coming days.

News now surfacing hint at the fact that the first foldable smartphone from Samsung is likely to hit the market by third quarter of this year and will feature a large display. This is likely to measure 7 inches when unfolded.

In the initial testing phase, Samsung put the screen on the inner edge of the fold so that it would be inaccessible when the device was not being used or was closed. However, now Samsung has worked out a fold out technology which will allow the screen to be placed on the exterior of the fold. This essentially means that the user will be able to interact, even though the phone is folded.

More than 100,000 units of the fold out device are likely to be in the market by third quarter of this year. Interestingly, LG is also looking to come up with such foldable devices by last quarter of 2017.

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Yes, it is the next big thing in technology.

Yes, as no other mobile companies has launch the foldable smartphones so yes it is a big thing in technology.

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