Meet Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman

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Meet Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman

Saudi Arabia’s King, King Salman, who came to power in January 2015, has appointed his son, Mohammed Bin Salman, to the position of Crown Prince. The 31-year-old crown prince, who is known for his reformative methods, will now be the first successor to the throne after his father. He came to power in the year 2013, when he was bestowed with the rank of minister and was given the position of head of Crown Prince’s Court.

Mohammed Bin Salman has been appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, replacing his half-brother and former crown prince, Mohammed Bin Nayef. However, the new crown prince will also continue to serve as the Defense Minister and retain his title of being the youngest defense minister in the world.

(Image Courtesy: Independent)

Mohammed Bin Salman is also known for his philanthropic work. He is the chairman of a foundation named Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation, which aims at providing aid to the disempowered youth. The foundation mainly fosters the creative talent in youth, directing them towards various fields of arts, science, and technology.

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