Should School Assignments be sent in Digitised Form?

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Should School Assignments be sent in Digitised Form?

Nowadays school assignments are sent through SMS or Whatsapp or simply uploaded on websites. Do you agree with this way of providing assignments or giving assignments in the class than the times when children used to note down in their diaries?

Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts on digitization in the education sector.

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I agree with you but its 2018 the world has been completely changed and our education system too.

Yes, school assignments should be sent in the digitized form. They pose great importance if they are sent digitally. In my opinion, when we send these materials in digitized form to the students, they get motivated to do the task. For instance, when my child gets his school assignments from his school via email, she feels that it is a must-do assignment. Now, she works harder than she used to for the non-digitized assignments. It has not been a difficult task ever since the school administration has taken a decision to work online instead of offline with the kids to keep an account of their work.


Yes! This is a great idea. School assignments can be sent in the digitized form. Since everyone is following the digital platforms, schools can also use it for assignments. 


Well, why not? The entire world is making a push to digitize itself and I see no reason as to why schools should hold themselves back from becoming a part of the digital revolution. It is a great idea to send digitized reports and assignments.

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