Should You Allow Your Kids to Use Facebook Or Not?

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Should You Allow Your Kids to Use Facebook Or Not?

Back in the 90s, kids found happiness in simple things be it the daily Doordarshan, or playing a video game or munching on the Nestle's milky bar! All the 90s kid went bonkers when the new cable TV 'Star' was launched. Not to mention the amazing 'rasna' that we got in the hot summers. But things are so different today and so are the kids!

Nowadays, kids have access to a plethora of latest information, hacks, and news. Thanks to the social media and the internet. Technology advancement is a significant difference contributing to the generation gap. Today's kids have the internet like the 90s kids had cassettes! Source of entertainment and learning have been evolved and how!

As parents, your concern is obvious, especially with social media sites. Here is the list of both pros and cons linked to the use of social media site- Facebook. This will make it easier for you to decide whether to expose your kid to it or not. 

Check out the benefits of using Facebook:

#1. Your Child Will Become Social

By exposing your child to social networking site like this, there are more chances for him/her to become social.

It is extremely helpful for kids who are quiet and isolated from the children of their age group due to some insecurity, inferiority complex, etc. Social sites thrash the fear out of your child's brain and let the positivity get through.

#2. Focus On Their Interest

The ‘home page’ of Facebook allows users to share what's on their mind. Children can very-well talk about their myriad interests and express how that they feel. This means that the child can express themselves by adding something that they are passionate about.

The child speaks for themselves or whatever they like and adds on to their individual style.

#3. Digital Literacy

By using a social site like Facebook, children get an insight on how to use digital devices and continue to learn with increased usage. Also, they won't face any problem with technology in the future. 

#4. It Actually Helps In Studies

Now, it is entirely up to your child to use it in the right manner. But, the truth is that Facebook helps in studies by making study groups on Facebook or communicate through online communities of a particular field of interest.

Now, let's look a the cons:

#1. Unrestricted Freedom

There is no room for doubt that your child will not be tempted by the likes of a new world presented at the click of a mouse through social media. Right from high-end fashion to adverts portraying their brands and people discussing matters that won't be suited for the little kids.

#2. Surf And Browse Web

Accessing Facebook will only open a way to the vulnerable world of the web but also result in internet abuse. This is where you have to keep a close watch on your children while maintaining a balance in their personal space 

#3. Limited Quality Friends

Rightly said, having more number of friends is directly proportional to your popularity among your peers etc. Nobody wants to see minimal engagement on their posts. For this, your child might accept every friend request that comes their way and might also send requests to unknown people.

If you have experienced any other challenge with your kid by giving them the access to Facebook, then please share it with us.

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My self Ashish Tiwari....

Yes student should use facebook but if a student has any important work .. social network is for use it not for make fun of any one or wast our time which is  very important ...

Thank you

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