Some of the funniest ads in TV history

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Some of the funniest ads in TV history

Advertising takes a product to a new level.

Advertisers now days focus on making their advertisements funny and innovative so that people are attracted to their product.

Below are listed some of the best and funniest advertisements that have ever been made

1. Chewing Gum Advertisement

In this commercial, a boy goes to a barber to have a haircut. The barber gives him a Centre Shock chewing gum and the boy gets a rocking hairstyle after eating the chewing gum.

2. Widescreen Television Advertisement

A Boy and a Girl run towards each other in this Philips commercial but they get tired in the middle. The reason is that they have miscalculated the distance that existed between both of them.

3. Centre Fresh Advertisement

This commercial is based on the tag line of Centre Fresh “keep mouth shut”. In this plot, a robber loots a bank and leaves. The bank manager calls for the security guard. Out of habit, the robber who is actually the security guard of the bank calls out “Yes Madam” and gets caught.

4. Fevicol Advertisement

In this commercial, a couple who is traveling in a van gets disturbed by a cyclist who follows them continuously. They change their route but still the cyclist chases them. In the end, it comes out that the van was carrying Fevicol and so the cyclist got attracted.

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