The Customs of Maharashtrian Brahmin Matrimony

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The excitement before a wedding must have been experienced by all of us. Whether the marriage bells are going to ring for your kin or a close friend, the imageries cannot be missed. Traditional delicacies, shimmering clothes, fun filled conventions remind each one of us of our ancestral roots. 

Brahmins of Marathi origin are no exception to the glittery and auspicious wedlocks of young children. Strictly speaking Maharashtrian Brahmin matrimony celebrates simplicity over mere show off of wealth and power. The main focus is on customs and their wonderful execution. Some of the rituals are considered gems of golden age, but are put into every little event with utmost sincerity and persistence.

Dowry is not on the lists of these people but they appreciate warm heartedness and religious tones. The capacity of each family is understood and demands are turned into gifts and tokens of love. The elegance is mixed with successive customs which include engagement, mehendi, haldi ceremony, wedding and Satyanarayan Puja.

Sakharpada is the ring ceremony cultivated with new beginnings and pre marital rituals. Green bangles, a symbol of purity and engagement are offered to the bride along with a sugar packet.

Kelvan, an occasion for all family members to meet is set up before marriage. The aim of this simplicity adorned custom is to bring the families of bride and groom together. This goes with Indian belief that marriage is not just a personal affair but involves family concept as well. Haldi is an episode of applying turmeric and essential aromatic oils to the skin of both boy and girl. This provides them protection from unwanted infections as well as heals their skin for an effective glow.

Green colour is given significance in the culture of Marathas. They believe it to be a colour of prosperity and freshness. The couple is blessed with green hues to bring that rejuvenation in all spheres of their conjugal ties. From the attires to embellishment everything has a tinge of green. Marriages of Maharashtrian Brahmins is enjoyed by singing traditional songs during the occasion of Chuda wearing. The women sing songs of happiness and give wishes to the bride for her successful married life.The half moon bindi is applied to bride’s forehead to bid her good luck and life riches. Wedding rituals are very elaborate and need special attention and work for their fulfilment.

Aniket Vichare is owner of a reputed Maharashtrian Brahmin matrimony site ‘Shubh Vivah’. Also, a counsellor and philanthropist, he and his team have settled many happy families together in love bonds.

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