Things to do before you get married

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Things to do before you get married

When you are getting married, it means you are entering into a new phase of life. A bride and groom both, make new relationships with many known and unknown family members. After marriage, the level of responsibility and commitment increase a lot for a couple.

Therefore, it is very important to know for each of them that how much support they can get from each other. However, it is not easy to know.

If you want to lead a happy married life then you must do the following things before marriage:

i) Go for a short vacation

The best way to know someone is to spend some moments together, stepping out of your comfort zone. Thus, it is essential to go for a short tour with your would be before marriage. In doing so, you can realize how understanding, cooperative and caring the person is. You will get to know your partner's reaction in a stressful situation. For instance, you missed the tourist bus because of your fault and both of you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

ii) Have logical arguments

Talk to your partner on various matters. If you find anything objectionable speak out. Logical arguments between partners are very important so that you can present your views as well as understand your partner's view. Remember, if your ideologies do not match with your partner than the conflict of opinion will always arise in future.

iii) Have discussions on division of household responsibilities

The days are gone when women's contribution was restricted only to household activities. Nowadays, most of the women are working and make an equal financial contribution. Therefore, a wife only should not be responsible for household activities. It is important for a couple to sit together before marriage and discuss dividing household responsibilities.

iv) State your expectation from your partner

A strong relationship is built on the basis of trust, truth, and respect. Of course, love is also important but if a person does not trust you or respect you then the love will not last for long. A couple should be aware of each other's expectations and decide beforehand whether the expectations could be fulfilled or not.

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