9 Things You Should Do In Your Notice Period

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9 Things You Should Do In Your Notice Period

The notice period is one of the most delicate phases of your employment. Contrary to the misconception, signing off from a current job is not as easy and relaxing as it sounds. You need to be cautious with all the formalities and last impressions. After all, you do not want to invite any last minute trouble and start off with the next phase of your life in a frenzy.

Here are some things you should do during your notice period:-

#1. Stick To Your Routine

The fact that you are about to leave your company does not allow you to be complacent and breach the company's routine. It is appropriate if you stick to your routine and company policies even during your last few days there.

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#2. Be Cautious With The Handover Formalities

It is obligatory for you to hand over all the documents and duties which were incumbent upon you to your replacement. The person who is going to take your place should have access to all the relevant documents that may be required for the job.

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#3. References

Collecting references from the seniors will only help you in the long run. Even if you are secured with another job in hand, avoiding references is always a mistake. References can help you to a great extent to showcase your skills.

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#4. Get A Clearance

Clearing all your dues is another important thing to do during the notice period. It also includes calculating important things like pending salaries, bonuses, reimbursement bills, and encashment of leaves.

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#5. Save Your Personal Work

Taking your personal work back is another important thing to do during your notice period. While you are forbidden to take any of your company’s data, you can easily collect your personal data and folders that are saved on the company’s system.

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#6. Start Preparing To Leave

You can start preparing to leave during your notice period. You can avoid the last minute rush by starting to clear off your desk and settle all the past debts with your colleagues.

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#7. Goodbyes

Leaving on a positive note will not only help you retain your contacts, but you also end up leaving a great impression. Bidding adieu to all your colleagues personally will only instill a sense of positivity in you. You can also get presents for some of your close friends at the office.

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#8. A Little Vacation

No, going on a holiday during the notice period cannot be pulled off every time. However, after all the calculations, if you think you have enough leaves left, a little vacation can be a good idea. Holidays can be useful especially in the case when you need to join your new office immediately after the notice period.

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#9. Prepare Your Future

Before you decide to walk out of your company, make sure that you have thoroughly planned your future. Even if you have another job in hand, start preparing yourself for it during your notice period.

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We would love to hear from you more on the notice period conduct. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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