Tips for a first time flyer

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Tips for a first time flyer

Flying high is so much fun because we leave all our worries and tensions on the ground and become a free bird. In order to make the first time flying experience happy and peaceful, we just need to follow certain tips. They are:

1. Before starting from home to the airport, always check whether there is any delay or cancellation of flights.

2. Take all the necessary documents, printed copy of the ticket, passport and visa in case of international travels. If it is a local flight, carry PAN card, voter’s ID, or Aadhar card, etc for identification proof.


3. Make a note of the baggage rules and pack accordingly. Please do not carry any prohibited items. Have a look at this link

4. See to it that you arrive at the airport two hours before the departure of the flights, to have a relaxed and tension free travel towards the airport.

5. In the entrance, we need to show the flight ticket and identity card to the security, only then we will be allowed to enter the airport. So remember to keep them handy.

6. Look out for your airline logo counter for “check in” process. This process should not be a problem if we have packed according to the baggage rules.


7. After receiving the boarding pass, while waiting for the flight, do not accept anything, say a parcel or a packet from anybody as this could put us in trouble.


8. While inside the airplane, do not forget to fasten your seat belt, use cotton buds to ease the ear pain that usually occurs while taking off and landing of the aircraft.


9. Once the flight has landed, unfasten your seat belt and do not forget to take the hand baggage.

10. Wait in the queue to collect the other baggage items that were checked in. Double check whether all the luggage has arrived. If not, we need to the report to the concerned people for missing baggage.


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