Top Bang for bucks smartphones in 2018

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The smartphones have drastically changed over the past few years and now no technology remains new as when you think they can't come up with something, they come with something else. But the issue is the pricing sometimes, India is a price sensitive market and brand is secondary. So today we are going to discuss top smartphones that are bang for the bucks deal in 2018 and they can be old handset but trust us, they are much more worth than the price they are holding today. So we begin with our list of top bang for bucks smartphones in 2018.

1. LG G6

This phone was first to introduce Full Vision Display and a marvelous 13MP Dual Rear Camera. The only con that the phone is carrying is it's old Processor Snapdragon 821 while every other company was introducing Snapdragon 835, LG was still going with old Processor. The phone is now available for 30K on Amazon and Flipkart and if you are lucky you can get it for 27K in any deal or sale. For 30K you are getting an IP68 rating, LG Branding, Military Certification claimed by LG, Not the best but the extremely powerful processor and 4GB RAM equipped with 64GB storage. We can consider it Deal breaking Offer.

2. Honor View 10

This beast is a flagship by Huawei Honor and is available at Amazon for 30K for which it offers you a beast processor of Kirin 970 processor and unmatchable camera of 20+16 MP equipped with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The phone's main strength is it's Camera setup and Design. No doubt Honor is much more cautious about their Design and pricing in India. So you can purchase this device if you want to feel the flagship features in the Budgeted segment. The phone is a direct rival to One Plus 5t and we are not considering that in our list coz no doubt OnePlus offers Value for Money. The only thing that we are missing on this Phone is IP68 rating πŸ˜‘ yes the phone is not Dust and water resistant.

3. Honor 8 Pro

Though a little outdated but the old boy still have the power to be on this list. The phone was the previous year's flagship by Honor and if you are not that much into that 18:9 design then go for this beauty. The phone is powered by Kirin 960 processor and is having 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The phone is having beautiful 2K LTPS Display and we believe that if you can grab it in 20K to 22K then it's bang for bucks deal but you have to understand that its design is old and if you can compromise then definitely go for it✌.

4. LG V30+

Towards the end of 2017, LG launched their final flagship device LGV30+. In India only the plus version is available. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM but trust me you won't feel much requirement coz RAM optimization is really good and the hone is having a Dual Camera setup 16MP + 13MP. What's interesting is its Price. Those who want a flagship device and can spend decent amount can purchase it for 45K from Amazon and it's still a deal breaker coz the pricing of competitors is much high. Samsung charges more than 60K for their flagship device and we don't want to talk about iPhone X πŸ˜‚. So it's an affordable and reliable flagship in our list.

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