Travel Guide: 21 Romantic Vacation Destinations For Couples

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Travel Guide: 21 Romantic Vacation Destinations For Couples

The world is full of enthralling vacation destinations for you to choose from and turn them into a lifetime experience. And, especially so for couples, who are looking for Best Romantic Getaways to steal a few precious moments of togetherness.

Whether it is a city filled with famous landmarks or a destination that will take you closer to nature or a place where uncrowded beaches await to welcome you and your partner or a location where you can party non-stop, we have combined a list of Best Vacation Destinations For Couples. Just add these 21 destinations to your vacation list:

#1. New York

The city New York, which never sleeps, is famous for its mind-blowing structures, its Broadway theaters, and the electronically run billboards.

(Image Courtesy: Best Tours New York)

#2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This place is famous for its water sports, the shopping variety, and for it's unbelievably tranquil and scenic beauty. Couples would definitely love to visit this perfect honeymoon destination.

(Image Courtesy: Wittyfeed)

#3. Rome

Being architecturally famous, the city of Rome is definitely one of the most preferred ones when it comes to going on vacation for couples or even for families and friends. The city is a spectacular beauty to behold!

(Image Courtesy: Self Reservation Rome)

#4. Ibiza

For those couples who love to party, this is a perfect destination for them! Ibiza tops the category when it comes to clubbing and enjoying the nightlife and is amongst the Unique Vacation Ideas for Couples.

(Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet)

#5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely known for its scenic beauty, jungles and water activities. But along with that, it's also popular for gourmet coffee beans that are considered amongst the finest in the whole world. 

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#6. Paris

This famous vacation destination just cannot be missed! Paris is known for Eiffel Tower. And this world famous structure symbolizes love & beauty. This is definitely one of the best Holiday Destinations for Young Couples and there's nothing more they can ask for!

(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#7. Cancun

Need Beach Vacations Ideas For Couples? The coastal city of Cancun in Mexico is famous for its white sand beaches, perfect weather along with the bright blue water.

(Image Courtesy: Touropia)

#8. London

This is the most famous luxury vacation destination. London is famous for Big Ben, Parliament Houses, the Buckingham Palace, and more such landmarks along with its happening nightlife.

(Image Courtesy: Time Out)

#9. Miami

Beaches, nightlife, restaurants, salsa, and entertainment sum up the entire experience at Miami.

(Image Courtesy: Hotels)

#10. Orlando

This place is one of the world's most famous and most voyaged tourist attractions shaping the tourism sector here! The main attraction is the Walt Disney World that makes the place famous among travelers.

(Image Courtesy: Gets Ready)

#11. Maldives

Clean air, clear oceans, sea green waters and striking beauty add to the aura of the place! Maldives makes a perfect honeymoon vacation destination for the couples and its amongst the Best Romantic Getaways.

(Image Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveller)

#12. Amsterdam

This place has a plethora of options to choose from, making it one of the most explorable destination. There's a lot more to explore, like the coffee shops, local shopping and beautiful houses.

(Image Courtesy: Select Voyages)

#13. Mauritius

The deer island is known for its popular beaches, beautiful lagoons and a wide range of other activities to make your stay memorable.

(Image Courtesy: i2)

#14. Switzerland

This is a small country with great things to do. Famous for its chocolates, luxury items and mountain ranges, every place in Switzerland offers couples with the best time they can have while on a vacation. It's a pure delight!

(Image Courtesy: Startus)

#15. Malaysia

Malaysia, a mix of Indian, Chinese and Indonesian cultures, is famous for its exotic islands. And, it is an appropriate vacation destination for couples as well as families. 

(Image Courtesy: Hope Speak)

#16. Bali

Bali offers you stunning picturesque landscapes and serene beaches that are quieter than others, along with exciting water activities and popular temples to explore.

(Image Courtesy: Ultimate Bali)

#17. Budapest

Discover the historic landscapes, enjoy the beautiful panorama, shop at the traditional local markets, and enjoy the authentic and award winning restaurants in Budapest. A must-visit if you prefer walking tours around the place. 

(Image Courtesy: In Your Pocket)

#18. Maui

This is one of those lesser-known, hidden gems. It has around 30 miles of accessible black, white and red sand beaches (80 beaches in total) along with many dormant volcanoes and water sports.

(Image Courtesy: Snuba)

#19. Venice

Being the City of Water, the city of bridges, the city of masks and also known as the city of canals and the floating city - what more can one place offer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock) 

#20. Sydney

Sydney carries an inevitable reputation for being one the word's liveliest cities. It boasts of a warm and sunny climate making it ideal for visitors, along with an array of landmarks to visit.

(Image Courtesy: Travel Around The World)

#21. San Francisco

Gourmet eateries, funky boutiques, and laid-back vibes are some of its attractions. A ride on the cable cars, beaches, lovely weather along with the growing architecture makes the city complete.

(Image Courtesy: Joey Chandler)

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