7 Ways In Which Menstruation Affects Women's Behavior

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7 Ways In Which Menstruation Affects Women's Behavior

We often hear about the period pains and the menstrual cramps, but what about the time just before the period? 

The body goes through hormonal changes just before the period hits. These fluctuations cause pain, irritation, and crankiness. This phase is known as Pre-menstrual Syndrome or PMS. It is loaded with mood swings and unwanted cravings.

Ever wondered what causes these mood swings? Are they related to the period cycles? Does it have anything to do with the fertility window? Are they just phases of menstruation? What is menstruation? Well, here is a list of things, which are responsible for causing those mood swings when you are PMSing.  


Hormones, Hormones and more Hormones. Periods are all about the hormones and the pain and the cramps and the MOOD SWINGS!! We all have heard and experienced the mood swings that are caused by the rushing hormones. During periods the hormones get very volatile especially estrogen. It rises slowly before the 'time of the month' and drops down immediately once the flow starts. Also, progesterone is high too during PMS days which might cause the feelings of hopelessness and dullness. 

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A woman is an emotional being, period or no period she will cry when she sees a romantic movie, she will get cranky if she is hungry. Her emotions are essential and play a significant role in her life. An unhealthy or unhappy relationship can be traumatizing. Daily bickering and fights can disturb her mind and affect her body during periods. An unhappy woman is likely to suffer more pain during her periods than a happy lady. 

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The hormonal changes during periods influence the brain chemicals too. Yes, they are all connected! When you are PMSing, Neurotransmitters in the brain gets affected. The serotonin level drops down when the period starts. Low amounts of serotonin can cause irritation, intense cravings and even depression. 

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When talking about periods, how can one forget the word pain? Pain is nothing less of a synonym for the period. The cracking lining in the uterus feels like a blasting volcano inside the body, and all it causes is a pain, loads of pain. Such intense pain is meant to cause irritation and crankiness.

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While on their period most women tend to eat food high in sugar or calories. They develop cravings for pasta, ice creams, apple pie. Such food leaves your mood very confused and misbalanced. Overeating sugar leads to rising in blood sugar level causing mental and physical uneasiness.  

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The uneasiness caused due to the menstrual pains often causes sleepless nights. The change in hormone levels causes a rise in internal body temperatures. It can cause irritation and restlessness. Inadequate sleep makes you cranky, and you are always irritated. 

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With all the pain and irritation who would feel like exercising? True, but exercising when on period helps fight bloating, digestion and also reduces menstrual cramps. The happy chemicals released while working out helps to calm your mood and reduce the pain. 

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Are you aware of any other reasons that cause mood swings? Let us know in the comment section below.


No!! I don't think its true at all. We just have a bad mood because of the situation we are going through and that not PMSing that we call. It's Highly irritating when people say that why are you PMSing. PMSing is a slang which is used for women with mood swings during their menstrual cycle but it's normal to be irritated with that kind of situation. I don't have mood swings at all besides I find myself more irritated on those days when I am not on periods. I guess it is a personal thing. One cannot judge by the mood that the person is on periods or vice verse. It gets on my nerves to listen from others that your mood swings get me thinking that you PMSing. 

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