How Long do Periods Last?

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How Long do Periods Last?

Do you know what really happens during the menstrual cycle or the period cycle? Are you looking out for the answers from the ones who are unaware about the same? That's pretty fine!

Perhaps this piece of information might tell you exactly what is a menstrual period? How long does menstruation last? And till how long periods last in every woman?

What Is Menstruation?

The moment girls enter into puberty and start developing breasts, their menstrual cycle starts. It's basically a woman's monthly bleeding cycle, wherein the thickened lining of their uterus starts to shed. Blood flows from the uterus through the opening in the cervix to pass out from the vagina. In commonly used language, it is also termed as "periods." It's the process that keeps happening each month and essentially is a sign that your hormonal balance is being maintained. But on the other hand, hormonal imbalances due to certain external factors control the occurrence of your period cycle.

What Is the Menstrual or Period Cycle?

When the process occurs regularly each month is what's called the period cycle. Basically, the cycle starts from the first day of when you get periods to the first day of when you get your next period. The average and normal range remain between 21 to 28 days. And under critical conditions, the cycle can range between 21 to 45 days in teenagers and 21 to 35 days in adults.

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What Is A Menstrual Period?

If you don't know how long does menstruation last, let us tell you that it typically lasts for 3 to 5 days. It can also go up to seven days. And both the time periods are considered normal. Periods may not be the same every time and aren't similar to that of other women. And depending upon person to person, the blood flow can be lighter to moderate or heavy.

During the adolescence, cycles tend to be of longer durations. However, as a girl starts getting older her period cycles become shorter and more regular.

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How Long Periods Last For A Woman?

Ending stage of the period cycle or the menstrual cycle is called as the menopause and it usually occurs between the ages of 45 to 55. Menopause essentially means that the woman will no longer be able to ovulate or produce eggs that are necessary for her to get pregnant. Menopause differs from woman to woman. And the term when her body starts to move from the normal cycle towards menopause is called as the menopausal transition.

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In case your menstrual cycle exceeds its time or happens earlier than expected, visit a gynecologist! He/ she would examine whether it's an early menopause period, make a pregnancy test or undergo other hormonal analysis. Liked what you just read? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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