What annoys you most when you are driving?

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If you spend a lot of time in the car with your family then you must annoy at some point or another such as kids kick your seat, fight with each other, and many more. Being an owner of the Andy1st driving school, I want to discuss some points, which annoy most at the time of driving:-

1. The temperature in the car.

2. Direction.

3. Where to eat.

4. Driving skills.

5. The volume in the car.

6. Smoking.

7. Swearing at other drivers or flipping them off.

These are some points, which annoy most of the driver when they driving a car. 

The most annoying thing about driving a car is that no matter how good or even brilliant of a driver you are, there are so many morons on the streets that are adamant on seeking you on the street and bumping their car into yours. I would say that it shouldn’t be only the people who should lose their license when they showcase their disturbing driving skills, but also the ones who deemed them fit for getting behind the wheel. Both of them should be put behind bars. Anyways, getting to your question, what annoys me the most while driving is the people who totally neglect the idea that subway or foot-over bridge has been built for them and want to cross roads escaping and dodging automobiles. These stupid people are ready to put their lives on the line just so they do not have to take a few extra steps. Another thing that gets me worked up when I am driving is that rather than slowing their car down when the light turns yellow, they hit the accelerator like they have never before and try to drive through the signal before it turns red.

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