What fascinates you about people from other countries?

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What fascinates you about people from other countries?

It is always an exciting experience to meet people from other countries and be acquainted with them. You get to know each other, their culture, traditions, food habits and many more. Your thoughts get exchanged. You imbibe some of their cultures and they acquire some of yours. This indeed sounds superb. Isn't it? So, what are those particular things, which fascinate you about people from other countries? What are the factors, which make the meeting with the foreigners interesting and exciting? Here are some listed below. 

Culture and Festivals: the Most Fascinating Ones

Culture is one such thing, which varies from region to region. And, it varies widely across the nations. And, it varies extensively across the continents. There is so much to know about the culture of an individual. Mixing with the person, will let you understand what his or her culture states. And, this, itself is extremely interesting. Culture comprises traditions, beliefs and many more. The festivals they observe, the beliefs they hold - don't you find them fascinating? The essence of the festivals and the purity with which they are performed are very unique and special.

Language: Another Attraction

Yet another attractive thing about meeting people from different countries is the language. A particular word is pronounced in several tones and accent by people of different countries. And, the meaning of the same word varies from nation to nation. Quite interesting! It's the same word. But, it sounds so different. Also, the regional languages are too much appealing as well. So much originality in it. A spellbinding experience altogether.

Fashion Sense: Filled with Fun and Excitement

Well, the fashion sense is perhaps the first and foremost thing that is observed by all when you are meeting a person from some other country. Isn't It? The way they dress themselves, the way they carry themselves, the accessories that they use, the dress they wear, the way they wear - all these are quite enticing. Whenever the opportunity of meeting somebody from other countries comes, this is one of the most interesting and fascinating things, that come into the mind. Once, we understand their sense of fashion, we also imagine ourselves with the same sense of fashion in our mind. It altogether is so much fun and exciting.

The Way of Communication: Yet Another Enthralling Factor

When you think about meeting a person from other country, yet a thing that comes to your mind is the way they communicate. Some people use too much gestures, while some of them speak a lot. Understanding the gestures is an art. And, replying accordingly is yet another. The body languages of the individuals are also remarkable to be noticed and observed. It becomes quite enticing to grasp the actual meaning of the communication. The way they try to prove their point, the way they argue, the way they try to convince - every point is so very fascinating and attractive.

The Way of Expressing Love and Affection: Too much Appealing

This is something, which is very interesting when you are meeting somebody from some other country. While people of some countries are quite conservative in expressing their love and affection, people of some nations are too much open to these feelings. Some of them hide their feelings to a huge extent, while people of some nations are over expressive. Understanding their ways of expression is quite a thrilling experience altogether.

Food Habits: The Attention Grabbing One

Last but not the least, food habits is yet another point, which seems enticing while meeting people from other countries and nations. Food habits vary greatly over nations. It's quite interesting to understand the food habit of the individuals, when you meet them. Also, the menu and the recipe sound so appealing. Trying out the dish after knowing the menu seems to be more exciting for one and all. 

Meeting people from different countries has so much to offer. Thus, these are some of the points, which I find fascinating about meeting people from different nations. It becomes altogether a different experience. A wonderful new experience beckons every time you meet a person from a different nation.

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