What is a secular state?

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What is a secular state?

A secular state is a state or country which follows the idea of secularism. It is a concept of equality of all the religions where the state stays neutral in matters of religion. It is an advanced idea of dealing with people and their beliefs. However, it neither supports religion nor irreligion.

Secularism is a sensitive issue in many countries despite being an ideal practice. Countries with diverse religions target sentiments of people for their political benefit. It was famed that Turkey became the most economical and successful Muslim country after following the notion of secularism. It separated religion from politics and their army and economy expanded at an amazing rate thereafter. Such is the example the world should follow.

Secularism not only leads to a modern and reformist approach, it also spreads the belief in oneness. However, there are still many countries which are non-secular. Their fundamentals are based on the religious approach which is followed by the whole nation. Afghanistan, Argentina, Bhutan, Denmark, England, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan are few such examples.

A state should be free from the policies based on religion and religious beliefs. It should not pertain to any particular religious belief. The separation of policies from religion is not the key to success. It should also maintain the separation of religion with politics. This way the policies of secularism shall be secured.

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