What is Ayurvedic Tourism?

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What is Ayurvedic Tourism?

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As a lot of people have already discussed about what Ayurvedic Tourism and that Kerala is the hub of Ayurveda treatments in India, I’d like to share a few interesting facts about Ayurveda and the treatments it offers.
Kerala is probably the only state in India where Ayurveda is used as a mainstream medicine. Here’s a look at what Ayurvedic Treatment is all about:
1.    Kerala Ayurveda is famous for its 5 prolonged treatment, known as Panchakarma. As part of this treatment; medicated oil, herbs, milk, and special diets are used to cure all types of diseases. The following are few of the names of all these treatments:
-    Bhyanga Snana or medicated oil massage
-    Akshitarpana (Netravasti): Traditional treatment for eyes
-    Kativasti: Therapy to cure the aliments of back area
-    Udwartana: Herbal powder is poured all over the body to marsh off all dead skin cells
-    Shirodhara (Moordhanya Dhara) with Oil
2.    The Ashtangahridaya, is a classic text in Ayurveda which forms the foundation on which Ayurveda is based. Its author, Vagbhata was the disciple of a Buddhist physician and received little     recognition in the rest of India.
3.     It is believed that a few Nampoothiri (Brahmin) families were the original Ayurvedic physicians and their decedents still carry the honorific title of ashtavaidyan.
4.    Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world.
5.    Kerala has the highest number of Ayurveda colleges and practitioners in comparison to any other place in the world

Dear User

Thank you for posting your query on our website. Ayurvedic tourism is the combination of ayurvedic treatment along with giving people a tour of the place in such a way that they feel relieved and at ease. It is most strongly identified with the southern region of Kerala as it is the hub of ayurvedic centers and is popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. More and more people are taking these ayurvedic vacations as they get peace of both body and mind on these as it includes not only taking a break from one’s surroundings but giving their body the nourishment of herbs and plants decocted especially for us. Let’s learn all the treatments and programs it offers.  

#1. Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation is the process of making something feel better, and our body needs this therapy from time to time as it slips from good to bad state throughout our life cycle. It tones up the skin and strengthens all our tissues promoting health and longevity along with developing more resistance to sickness. It increases the capacity of our primary vitality and clears our head. You start with a slow head massage which is done using the oil extracted from the essence of roots, and then a cream is applied to your face. The Ayurvedic powder is applied on your hands and feet and you are left alone for 15 minutes so that you take it all in and complete your rejuvenation therapy with a bath.

#2. Body Immunization Treatment

The complete immunization of our body is only achieved when we slow down the degeneration of our cells. It requires us to stick to a herbal diet and some ayurvedic medicines not just for the time we are on vacation but regularly if we are to remain immune and in good condition throughout our life.

#3. Medicated Steam Bath

You have come here for the first time, but you will keep revisiting this place time and time as a medicated steam bath is the best ayurvedic treatment to rid your body of all impurities. It improves the complexion of your skin along with skin tone. Precious herbs and leaves are boiled, and your body is drenched in steam for 10-20 minutes daily and removes tension from your muscles even pain if there is any.

#4. Fat Reduction

Diets of herbal juices along with massage that tones up your muscles and improves blood circulation have been effective in bringing down fat. Your whole body is also made to perspire by tying muslin bags filled with rice all around it for about 20 minutes in order to prevent emaciation of the body and lose fat without feeling weak.

#5. Ego Isolation

Ayurvedic remedies are very effective in helping us detach our ego from our body and mind so that we enjoy them only for the purpose for which they are created. They help in self-discipline and living a meaningful life through these training exercises- controlled breathing exercise, control of senses exercise, fixing the mind on a chose object and absolute tranquility through medication.

We hope you will find the answer to what you have been looking for. We will be looking forward to more such interesting questions from your end. 

Thanking you,

Team AskOpinion

(Image Courtesy: 1. Ayuryog, 2. Franchise India, 3. Kerala Ayurveda Centre)

As our lives have become busier and more hectic, traveling, just for the sake of spending time in a refreshing place is no longer enough. These days, people are looking for destinations where they can indulge in rejuvenating therapies and revitalize their body and mind before they carry on with their regular lives. This is where Ayurveda comes in. This ancient Indian practice has been gaining fame all over the world, especially in the past few decades and hordes of people today throng the Indian subcontinent to partake in some of its therapies. Since the state of Kerala, which is marked with countless Ayurveda treatment centers, is a hub for this old practice in its purest form, many tourists seeking holistic Ayurveda treatments frequent here. Apart from this, the South Asian country of Sri Lanka is also among the most preferred destinations as far as Ayurveda tourism is concerned. Ayurveda tourism is and has been on the rise for past several years. It has emerged as one of the biggest sources of tourism for the Indian subcontinent. 

The Ayurveda treatments are an Indian method of remedy beginning back 4,000 years which creates a lot of money in India these days. It is identified with the state of Kerala as it is said to be the home of the most popular Ayurveda Shalas and the only place in India which practices Ayurveda in its purest form. I am a travel blogger and many of my fellow bloggers have been talking about the ayurvedic tourism a lot these days.
So I did my part of the research on the topic which I will be sharing with you guys today. Any sort of travelling occasioned on the reckoning of health-related determinants adjusted to the prospect of improvement gets under medical tourism. Being a very old practice in the country of India, Ayurveda confirms a holistic method of antidote to the principles of detoxification. With its style of treatment including few or no side impacts even in the situations of severely dangerous illnesses, Ayurveda has considered vital superiority in contemporary days as people are preferring to take this treatment as compared to other medical options.
We automatically prefer a hotel which provides the spa or massage treatments with natural oils as it relaxes the entire body. While massage can also be done independently, the specific way of rubbing exercised at health centres not only makes for relaxation but also teaches one on the common system to be applied. This is giving the right sponsor to Ayurvedic tourism. It is one of the best things I have experienced during my stay in Kerala, India. Being from a foreign country, I was hesitant at first to try it but now I can say I want to visit India for the sole purpose of ayurvedic treatment.
Apart from the massages, they also had several other treatments that I could see people were enjoying. People have been shifting from plastic surgery and allopathic remedies. The complete theory of beauty in extension to that of a physically fit body and mind can be taken care of in health care centres attempting to give alternative treatment in Ayurveda.
It is also very helpful in the treatment of certain ailments such as diabetes, joint pains, arthritis and malignant tumours in its early stages. Some healthy exercises and yoga which are practised in these centres is an effective treatment for the diseases.
It was an overall life-changing experience for me.

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