What is Civil Engineering?

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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering mainly deals with construction. There are numerous construction works going on daily basis in different fields like Real E-State, Industry, Transportation etc. So the requirement of skilled people is very high in this field.

Technically Civil engineering is the scientific study of design and construction of man-made structures. A civil engineer has to design the structure and monitor the construction works as per the design and plan.

Education & skills needed to be a Civil Engineer is a Degree or a diploma from a recognized Institution. There are many ways to do a course in Civil Engineering. A 3 years Diploma Course after 10th or a 4 years B-Tech degree after 10+2 are two basic level of education for a Civil Engineers. If someone wants to further study after B-Tech degree then M-Phill, Ph.D. and Post Docs are also possible in Civil Engineering. But all can be done with a regular 10 to 5 job. The average Annual remuneration for new Civil Engineer is in the range of Rs.6.00 to Rs. 8.00 lakhs for B-Tech graduate and Rs. 4.00 to Rs. 6.00 lakhs for Diploma Engineer.

A career in Civil Engineering is more stable than any other engineering branch. This is the oldest non-military engineering branch and never be affected till the end of this world.

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