Qualities to Look for in An Engineering College

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The season of results has arrived and therefore has the crucial time for deciding what kind of future do the students want, to have a successful career. A vast number of students had appeared for the national and state level entrance exams for engineering/medical field. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of students who have opted out to forge their career by pursuing engineering. And to do so most of the students aspire to pursue their degree from the best engineering college in India. Though there are many prominent engineering colleges out there to choose from, a few of the significant aspects that every student must contemplate before taking admission in any engineering college are given below.


The college faculties play a fundamental role in the development of the future of an engineer. When selecting a college it is significant that the student must reach out to the professors and lecturers to find out about their qualifications, teaching experience and even ask regarding any research projects that they might have already worked on or aspire to work in the future. Above all, it is observed that the colleges that are focused on imparting quality knowledge for the benefits of the students include faculties that have more teaching experience.


The infrastructure of the college also forms an essential aspect when selecting a college. The inclusive environment of the college must boost the learning quality. A well-equipped college offers all facilities which assist in the development of an aura of studying and learning.


Many colleges across the country are producing engineers at a large amount without caring about the factor that whether these engineers are skilled or not. However, there are equally certain colleges that are focused on instilling the best education in the students. The college curriculum must be checked to find out if the college is offering elective subjects to study and are they allowing the students to explore more about the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired. And even the fact that whether the college is allowing the students to develop their extracurricular and inter-personal skills-set or not.


The alumni of the college form a significant source to gather information about the college. Information regarding the field of the profession the alumni are working in and contribution to the college in their success may on top come to assistance while selecting the college. The placement records of the college in the past few years also forms an essential facet when opting out a particular engineering college.


It often happens, a certain college is well-renowned, but they offer an only specific number of the engineering streams to study. And at times it occurs that a not so notable college has a specific field of the profession that the student aspires to study further. In these situations, it is of the utmost importance that the students must opt out for the college that has a more formidable reputation. These colleges are mainly dedicated to their students to be hired by the prominent recruiters, and it is in these colleges that the focus is on creating globally competent engineers who would become a significant asset for the society and the industry as well.


It is substantial to check for any accreditation granted to the college, and also whether the college is AICTE and DTE approved. How many times the college has been accredited since its formation and for how long their accreditation lasts is also a significant fact. One must also check out about the university that is associated with the college prior to admission.

Research grants

If a college has been permitted with research grants by any governing organization, it means the college encourages research projects. This means that the college is focused on imparting significant technical knowledge with the most recent developments in the industry.

Past achievements

Another factor that a student must look for in any engineering college is the college's previous academic and additional achievements. The achievements might be by the students or the lecturers or even a department as a whole. It shows that the certain college is allowing the students to develop their technical and interpersonal skills to become a better engineer.

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