More than 80% engineers in Gujarat are without jobs

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More than 80% engineers in Gujarat are without jobs

All India Council for Technical data for 2015-16 has come up with findings that less than 20 percent of graduate engineers in Gujarat are employable. In some of the branches as civil engineering, the situation is drastically bad with placement being as low as 5%.

This has resulted in the majority of the seats in engineering colleges remaining vacant. The reasons for this development are also not difficult to understand. The demand for engineers is not matching the requirement of these professionals. Lack of quality education in most of the private engineering colleges is another reason due to which majority of these engineers remain unemployed.

However, not all agree with this assumption. Gujarat technological University Director, Mr. Rajul Gajjar points out that these figures are only for campus placements and the majority of students opt for higher education due to which their percentage does not reflect in this data.

He is of the view that only the engineering colleges in remote areas of Gujarat face this problem and this issue should not be generalized. Fewer salaries in engineering sector is another key reason due to which graduates opt for other fields and do not take up jobs in their study fields. Lack of soft skills also comes in way of engineering graduates from Gujarat which has led to this dismal scenario.

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