What is Menu Engineering for Restaurants?

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What is Menu Engineering for Restaurants?

Did you know there is a study that defines how the menu must be designed to increase profitability per guest? Called as menu engineering, it is one of the emerging trends dominating the hospitality sector. But exactly does it mean?

Also called as 'Menu Psychology,' it is a term used to denote a study of the popularity and profitability of the menu items and how these factors play a crucial role in influencing the placement of the items on the menu. It is generally adopted as a standard Best Practice within the Hospitality and Restaurant Industries.

Have you come across someone who endorses this study in their work style? Tell us about it! Comment on the box below to share your knowledge on the concept and its significance in modern times.

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Answers (5)

Menu engineering is a study of profitability and popularity of the menu. The goal of a menu engineer is to increase their profitability per guest along with the popularity. They have to plan out all the necessary details which can help them to increase their goodwill. A menu engineer is expected to increase the profit of the restaurant by 10-15% in a week. I have not experienced many restaurants with this kind of possession. Out of 100, only 40 restaurants are performing menu engineering as of now. 

This is the first time that I am reading about this concept. it sounds like a really interesting concept and I would like to know more about it.

I am pretty much aware of the concept and it's becoming popular these days. For a majority of outlet, it's now a standard practice!!

This concept sounds as alien and intriguing to me. Never thought there could be a separate field of study for designing a menu. 

I was aware that people design the menu keeping in mind the brand and the profitability. The concept of menu engineering remains new to me.

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