What is MobileCRM?

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As a business, you always strive to get higher returns & faster growth. Process effectiveness & efficiency enhancements might be the most rewarding step in this journey. The processes encompass sales, marketing, & services. Today, businesses seek help from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help them be more effective in the competitive market.

A Mobile Enterprise Open Source Mobile CRM App provides access to critical data on demand. Additionally, options to execute key decisions on the move, which is valuable features for business executives. Users have easy access to key CRM functions anywhere, anytime on smartphones & tablets.

The Open Source Mobile CRM App is an extension of the parent CRM solution. Access to the parent CRM is generally provided by the app over secure VPN or via cloud CRM.

Benefits of Open Source Mobile CRM App

Access On-The-Go

Access to CRM data while on the move helps sales and support reps plan better.

Therefore, Executives can focus on meetings based on prospect information, criticality, customer history etc. This doesn’t end there. Prospect updates are visible to back-end teams to start work based on action items. Catalyze the sales process. Access to all prospect information through mobile CRM is available.However, This empowers reps to close deals in fewer meetings with clients. This helps reps convert prospects to customers faster & achieve their sales targets.

Increase productivity and sales efficiency

Nowadays, businesses grow multi-fold and executives finding difficult to take critical sales decision because of no real-time data, with opportunity module available in Open Source Mobile CRM App they can be on top of all potential opportunities & it is Free SuiteCRM Android & iPhone App – Best SuiteCRM Mobile App.

Manage your team better

Managers can track the performance of each team member and track results through mobile CRM. With the data updated in real-time, the managers are always up-to-date on every lead.However, This allows managers the ability to plan better to achieve team goals. All this, while still giving them the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

Allow different teams to interact better

Actually, In today’s market scenario, the speed of information sharing can make or break a deal. With mobile CRM, executives have easy access to their colleagues on their mobile devices. Irrespective of team location, users can share and receive relevant information. Teams can share case studies and best practices from different parts of the Globe. Teams can also administer the best practices to achieve better results.

Get more out of existing CRM

CRM is a powerful solution for any business. But, it’s just as powerful and relevant when data keyed-in by teams. Mobile-enabled CRM makes data flow easy and frequent. When reps fill relevant data through real-time updates, CRM becomes more powerful.

Target users for mobile CRM

Users who need remote access to core CRM business data, benefit from Open Source Mobile CRM App. Primary users of mobile CRMs are executives involved in sales and field operations.Therefore, Helping them maximize customer interactions on the field while staying connected with critical CRM data. Users can analyze, nurture, and qualify leads on-the-go. Mobile CRM’s help managers and team leaders track team performance through remote access. Business owners can also track the effectiveness of processes and analyze results on their devices. Mobile CRM empowers core CRM modules with much needed remote access. This ensures CRM data is available anytime to all executives.

Device support

Mobile CRM solution providers understand the need to offer a multi-platform app. These include solutions for popular devices like android, windows, iOS, Blackberry, or mobile web, etc. Whether a tablet or smartphone user, mobile CRM solutions are available for all.

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