What is the Total Worth of Bill Gates' House?

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What is the Total Worth of Bill Gates' House?

One of the wealthiest people on this planet, Bill Gates, doesn't just possess a luxurious lifestyle but also has an extravagant property. Microsoft co-founder took almost 7 years to establish his entire Washington estate. Bill Gates home design is fully high tech, Bill Gates house architect is quite detailed and is absolutely magnificent.

Therefore, let's take a sneak-peek into the Bill Gates House worth billion dollars - Xanadu 2.0.

#1. As of today, Bill Gate's property is worth $125 million.

#2. According to public filings, he has paid around $1,080,443.17 in property taxes (year 2016).

#3. Bill Gates house architecture comprises of half a million lumber board which was required along with 500-year-old Douglas fig trees.

#4. Dining room itself is somewhat 1,000 square feet larger.

#5. Lighting and climate of the room are all controlled with high-tech sensors.

#6. Explore within The Bill Gates mansion is an earth sheltered space. Natural surroundings keep the heat lowered.

#7. Artworks displayed on the walls can easily be changed through remote controls.

#8. There are several screens around the house worth $80,000 that allow anyone to display their favourite paintings on it.

#9. Not to forget the underwater music system pool that's built in the 3,900-square-feet area.

#10. For the adventure enthusiasts, a trampoline room with almost a 20-feet high ceiling is made use of. Quite a fun-filled space.

#11. Xanadu 2.0 is named after the character from the "Citizen Kane."

(Image Courtesy: My First Class Life)

#12. Bill purchased the house in the year 1988 for $2 million.

#13. The temperature and lighting control happens through a pin code that guests are given on arrival.

(Image Courtesy: Dinheirovivo)

#14. 2300 sqft. reception area can accommodate up to 200 guests at once.

#15. For the bookworms, there's a massive library containing the Leonardo Da Vinci manuscript. Bill Gates got it for $30 million.

bill gates house images inside

(Image Coutesy: Success Stories)

#16. Talking about the other fancy things, there are 10 full bathing bathrooms, the total is 24.

#17. The six kitchens are strategically spread across the house for the best experience.

(Image Courtesy: Billionaire)

#18. Bill Gates home design has a front facing Lakeshore which has imported Caribbean sand.

#19. A Microsoft employee even made a $35,000 bid just to witness Xanadu.

bill gates house images

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#20. An artificial stream runs through certain parts of the house holding various species of fishes.

#21. Bill takes care of his favorite Maple Tree by monitoring it through various computing systems.

bill gates maple tree

(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#22. The house even has a cozy little home theatre space that can settle around 20 people at once.

#23. Mr. billionaire has his own self-stylized bat cave. It's a fascinating garage (a hidden structure) that's like an underground cave. And the parking space can contain up to 23 high-end cars.

#24. The pool is actually so big that it has a glass wall separation and there's enough range underneath to swim between the two spaces.

#25. Bill Gates is excellent at cryptic stuff. With a hidden guest house and underground garage, the hidden agenda also includes speakers hidden beneath his room's wallpaper.

#26. Furthermore, the flooring of the house is pressure-sensitive and fully monitored.

Bill Gates house images are worth seeing once to believe in it. Liked what you just read? Do you know of more such facts? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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