What Office Cleaning Checklist You Must Follow to Keep Your Premise Clean and Hygienic

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What Office Cleaning Checklist You Must Follow to Keep Your Premise Clean and Hygienic

Keeping the office premise cleaned and organised is of high importance for every company. Do you know that dirty environment is the major cause of over half of illnesses. The work desk and the office environment witness a lot of activity throughout the day, thereby accumulating millions of germs and bacteria, specifically the chair, keyboard, mouse and the working area.

A dirty office environment also leads to decrease in motivation and befuddles colleagues. Making your office clean and hygiene should not be a hassle of a task, when you know how you have to proceed. From having professional office cleaning services in London, or wherever you are located, to knowing what cleaning tasks are necessary and when they should be done, you can always make your place look and feel neat and clean. We provide you an important office cleaning checklist that will help you and the professionals you hire carry out effective cleaning process:

Daily Cleaning Procedure

Keep the office workspace, lobby and the reception area clean following this daily task:

Vacuum clean the floor area

Mop floor area using disinfectant

Dry wipe clean baseboards, switches and door handles

Clean the painted surface and walls

Damp wipe clean hard surfaces

Empty waste bins on a daily basis, more preferably twice

Clean and sanitise the kitchen area, sink, basins, toilet, doors, wall and other fixture

Clean dishes twice daily

Weekly Cleaning Procedure

Clean glass surfaces thoroughly in and out

Clean buff the hard floors throughout the office premise, including tables and polish

Empty the trash containers, disinfect them and add liners

Empty and clean the refrigerator and using disinfectant

Monthly Cleaning Procedure

Vacuum clean all the surface area deeply

Vacuum clean fabric chairs and vents thoroughly

Clean the entire office environment, dusting from top to bottom

These are the basic cleaning practices that must be followed routinely to ensure your office remain clean, hygienic and well organised throughout. You must use only right cleaning ingredients and procedures for the purpose. Apart from the following this checklist, it is necessary that you hire professional office cleaning services in London, or elsewhere, every three to four months, or as you find suitable depending on the cleanliness requirement.

Making a systematic cleaning plan with a checklist is a necessary step to keep your place hygienic and organised whether it is your office or residential place. Apart from that a professional deep clean by hiring experts for home, office or for school cleaning services in London helps to ensure that the place is germ-free and sanitised and well controlled.

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The author is a prominent personality in the cleaning service industry who offers precise and insightful tips on how to keep any place well cleaned and sanitised. He also provides inputs on how to pick professional office cleaning services or school cleaning services in London, or for a home.

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