What skills should you be looking while hiring an Excel Expert?

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What skills should you be looking while hiring an Excel Expert?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program created by Microsoft that is utilized by numerous organizations to automatize their routine procedures, for example, keeping up the worker information, financial information, debit sheets, data analysis and significantly more. This programming is super simple to utilize, and along these lines, is broadly utilized as a part of multiple divisions from human resources to sales to marketing to data analysis and so on. The level of mastery that employers need may shift from fundamental to advance.

As a hiring manager, it is important for you to understand the need for which you are hiring a person. Accordingly you can design a Microsoft excel test and can understand the aptitudes of various candidates. As the requirement of excel skills would be different for every role, with the help of below mentioned skills, you shall be able to understand role suitable for the prospective candidate.

In case of Entry Level/Administrative Job Roles

Numerous administrative roles or entry level employment profiles request fundamental level of MS Excel knowledge to play out specific tasks that are tedious and repetitive.

The following is the list of Microsoft Excel aptitudes that you have to search for while contracting the entry level employees:



• Data Filters

• Data Sorting

• Pivot Tables

• Cell Formatting

• Shortcut keys on Excel

• Data Validation

• Changing Page Layout

• Graphs and its Analysis

You can create a test with all the questions based on the skills above in case you want to hire an assistant, Secretary, Administrator Assistant, or Office Administrator.

In case of Senior Level/Excel Specialists/Excel Experts

For a senior level employee, they require such data research, analysis, programming or project management, requests the advanced level of Excel aptitude.

The following excel skills are required for this profile:

• Excel Worksheets

• Advanced Charting

• Functions

• Advanced Formulae

• Tool Bars



• Conditional Formatting

• PIVOT Tables & PIVOT Reporting

• VBA & Macros

• Data Tables, Simulations & solver

You can likewise utilize questions based on the above in the Microsoft excel test to hire Bookkeeper, Accountant, Office Manager, VBA Projects Developer and Project Manager.

In case of Business Analyst role

Business analysts are basically the mediators between your company and your clients and other stakeholders. They are the ones responsible for defining a strategy, defining the goals and requirements and above all creating architecture for the company. They must have knowledge on the below mentioned skills:


• Pivot Tables





• Charts & Chart Analysis



• Merge Data

• IF Function

• Conditional formatting

• Histograms

• Regression

• Data Validation

• Data Analysis

In case of Data Analyst

The main role of a data analyst is to evaluate the risk a business can endure, fetch the data, and conclude what could be harmful to the business. They must have the knowledge of the below mentioned skills

Functions for data cleaning and manipulation: Concatenation, LEN, Find & Replace, Filter & Sort, Conditional Formatting, Index Match, Remove Duplicates, Logic Functions, If Error, Short-Cut

• Macros

• Pivot Tables

• Cross Reference Table

• LOOKUP Functions

• Flat data tables

• Data filters

• Advanced Charts

• Data Interpretation

• Graphics Data

• Number Series

• Worksheet

• Operators

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