What to do When your Boss Hits on You?

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What to do When your Boss Hits on You?

We all wish to be liked by our boss, and we all wish to be favored by them when it comes to all the professional projects that we do. We all make sure that we do the best when it comes to all our professional commitments and all the responsibilities that we have in the workplace. We all wish that our boss notices our efforts to our best when it comes to the professional commitments we have. We all wish to get a good amount of attention from our boss, but only regarding all the work that we do to reach a certain level as a professional. All of the compliments and the acknowledgment of the hard work we are putting in are all very well received by the employees. But, this expectation is limited only to a professional relationship.

The moment this gets personal, there is a huge level of discomfort and problems that become a part of the employee-boss relationship. It becomes impossible for the employee to make sure they are as enthusiastic about work as they used to be before. It is essential to keep in mind the fact that, the relationship between a boss and an employee is such that they have to work very closely together. There is constantly a huge amount of interaction that takes place between the two. In case there is any kind of personal interest that the boss begins to show in any of the employees, it is surely going to negatively impact the work environment for the employee and make it impossible for them to carry on working effectively.

If you have been experiencing anything of this sort, if your boss has begun to show a sudden interest in you, you must be facing a very uncomfortable and a very uncertain situation at work. This may lead to a major amount of confusion in your mind. The situation may be such that the job is something you value but the kind of environment that the advancements from your boss is making it impossible for you to stick to this workplace. In case it is absolutely essential for you to make sure you have to stick to this job and there is no way you are being able to convince your boss to stop hitting on you, here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that your boss will not continue to create mess for you.

What To Do When Your Boss Hits On You?

#1. Importance Of Recognizing The Flirting

The essential thing to do is to make sure that you are able to recognize the fact that your boss is constantly flirting with you. This may sometimes be very casual and may ignite some sort of excitement in you. At the same time, it may be so subtle that you may not attach too much importance to it. But, it is important to make sure that you do not let it increase to such an extent that it becomes impossible for you to handle it subtly.

It is important to voice your opinion regarding such things and make it a point to express your discomfort regarding the behavior that your boss is exhibiting in the workplace. It is very important to stop them the moment they do something of this sort and let them know the fact that they need to refrain from doing something of this sort and you do not appreciate such things. It is possible that if you keep discouraging them, they will stop making such advancements. But, if you refrain from doing anything at all, there is a possibility that your situation may end up becoming worse.

#2. Keep Reminding Them That You Are Not Interested

There are going to be a lot of instances in the office where your boss will make statements and do things in your favor. They will constantly try to give more credit to you or make sure that they get to work on projects with you. They will not leave any opportunity to get closer to you; in such cases, it is important that you keep making straightforward statements regarding your disapproval of such an attitude.

In case they favor you by making statements such as you were the one who did all the work for a particular project. Give it back to them by making statements such as it is exactly what you get all the payment for; this is your job etc. Just make sure you keep interrupting them at all times when it is necessary.

This is one of the best ways to deal with the situation; no one will be persistent enough to keep hitting on someone who leaves no opportunity to make it clear that they are not interested in such kind of advances.

#3. Ask For Help

It may be very uncomfortable to ask for help in such cases where you have to discuss something of this sort, most of the times there is fear attached to the consequences of asking for help in this kind of a situation. Please keep in mind the fact that this person may be your boss but that is restricted to the professional environment and if they are not able to keep the relationship entirely professional, it is their problem. This is not something you should keep tolerating only because of the fear of losing your job. Please keep in mind the fact that you are not the one who is at fault here.

Ask for help from the higher authorities, who are holding positions that are more powerful than the person harassing you. Ask for help from your partner in case you are in a relationship; ask for the assistance of your parents. Do whatever it takes to make sure you are safe, and there is no way this person can harm you.

#4. Be Clear

Be very clear about what you have in your mind. In many cases, it is possible that your boss is actually seriously interested in dating you, or maybe they continue to persist even after you have made the efforts to discourage them. In such cases, it is very important that you tell them clearly what is in your mind. When things are not clearly mentioned, it is possible that there is a miscommunication of some sort and your boss is not able to understand the fact that their advances are actually bothering you.

Thus, it is very important to make sure that you clearly mention what is it that you are thinking and what your take is on the kind of behavior your boss is exhibiting. You need to keep in mind the fact that clear communication can actually make sure a lot of your problem is solved. Clear communication can actually save you from a hell lot of complications and make it easy for you to deal with this kind of situation.

Please keep in mind the fact that when you choose to clearly communicate with your boss, the kind of problem you are having because of your behavior, you are actually taking power in your own hand. The moment you assume things and do not take action because of the fear instilled in you, you will give the power to your boss. It is only by clearly communicating your feelings that you can take charge of the situation and make sure that no one can disturb you or affects you without your permission.

#5. Never Overlook Inappropriate Behavior

It is very important to make sure that you never overlook any inappropriate behavior exhibited by your boss. In case you do that, you will make sure you are giving your boss the opportunity to continue harassing you. You will have to make sure that all sorts of inappropriate advances such as, coming too close to you or making you stay back till late in the night, these are the things which if they remain unchecked will always reach a dangerous level. In case anything of this sort happens, make sure you do not delay a second, make sure you report it, and you do not let it occur again.

In this case, it is all in your hand whether you will let this reach a very negative level or whether you will curb it in the initial stage. Taking appropriate action will make sure you are not giving up your power to help and protect yourself, it will make sure that if there is the possibility of something negative, taking place, it is taken care of in the very initial stage. Better to take precaution than to suffer in the end.

Do you think that your boss is making advances that you find uncomfortable; are you looking at getting rid of your current job as your boss is giving you a tough time? Please let us know if the above article is helping you to deal with your problems, by commenting in the box below.

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The workplace is one such place that requires us to make sure that we give our best to all the things that we choose to do or the responsibilities that we are given at the workplace. We are here to make the most of the opportunity that we are given and make sure we are able to accomplish all the professional goals that we have. This is why it is very essential to have a workplace where we tend to have a good and favorable working environment and we are able to get along with all the employees in the workplace. What is even more crucial is the fact that we are able to get along with the person we are working under.
But, it becomes a major issue when we have to deal with a challenges coming from our boss especially in the form of flirting. When your boss begins to flirt with you and hit upon you, you will find it impossible to make sure that you keep working flawlessly under such circumstances without feeling the discomfort. The major challenge that you will have to face is the fact that your main aim of doing a really good job in your career may be hampered because of these kinds of challenges at the workplace.
The worst part of your boss hitting on your is the fact that it is impossible for you to make a decision that will not harm your career in some or the other way. You will have to either complain about this challenge to your higher authorities that will lead to a huge amount of debate a discussion and you may have to prove your point. Or you will have to make the decision of leaving the job and taking something else up. This is why the situation can prove to be really challenging and also can be really hard to deal with.
What you will have to keep in mind is the fact that you will have to make the decision regarding what is the best thing to do in this situation. No one else has the ability to gauge what exactly is going on with you and what will be the best thing to do in this case. How critical the situation might gat and will it be essential to take a drastic step or not is something that you will have to make sure you decide. If the situation can be done away with without any kind of drastic actions taken then it will be a good idea to communicate clearly and have a discussion and sort things out. If you feel it is impossible to deal with this person and there is a possibility of the situation getting worse, please make sure you take the necessary steps to deal with this situation.
Please keep in mind the fact that you will have to take action for your safety and your protection, no one else can do anything in order to make sure you are safe and the situation does not go out of hand. 


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