What to Feed Cats & How Much?

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What to Feed Cats & How Much?

If you are a cat person and your cat rules your world, then you must also have ensured the best for them at every step. Petting a cat is very different from that of a dog. Felines have distinctive needs especially when it comes to food. If you are a first timer, ask yourself: 

Do you know how much to feed a cat? Do you know what to feed cats? Do you have a cat feeding chart? And do you know how to feed cats?

What To Feed Cats?

Make this feline your best friend and feed him/ her the best quality food. Even though they give you devilish looks, don't compromise on their food. Before you ask yourself- how much to feed a cat, look out for answers as to- what to feed cats?

Keep in mind the following factors before you start feeding your cat any kind of food:

#1. Age

#2. Health

#3. Cat's preference

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Both dry and canned foods can be fed to the cat. You can either use them in a combination or individually. Just make sure to provide your cat with fresh and clean water as and when they require.

Include proteins and fats in your cat's diet. Grains and carbohydrates can occasionally be given. Even human food, not dog food, can be given to your cat. it makes the cat feeding chart pretty affordable. Include in his/ her diet; portions of cooked meat/ eggs/ fish, oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetable, cheese, bread and canned baby food

How Much To Feed A Cat?

Most cats like to have their meals during the dawn and the dusk. But it also depends on your personal routine how you'll be training them to eat. "How much food should I feed my cat?" if that's a constant question, consider your cat's age, weight, energy levels, physical activities and feed accordingly. However, the standard measure remains up to 200-250 calories per day.

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You can consult a veterinary to get your cat's feeding chart prepared, and also ask him to further guide you on how to feed cats.

How Much To Feed A Cat?

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How To Feed Cats?

Once you make the decision between dry and canned food, purchase that kind of edibles, make sure to understand the food labels or feed the cat with home cooked food. Establish a consistent feeding routine and don't get them in a regular habit of free feeding. You can occasionally get them treats. And feed in accordance with his/ her life stage, weight, acceptable portions, medical conditions, prescribed cat feeding chart and/ or personal requirements.

How To Feed Cats?

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No, It is not safe for the cats to consume dog food or vice versa. This is because cats consume amino acid which is called the taurine. Dogs already have this acid produced in their body. The dogs need Vitamin A and can use beta carotene as its source but this is not the case with cats. The cat food consists this kind of amino acid in it. Therefore, the dogs eating cat food will just give them added advantage but if the cats eat the dog's food which is devoid of Taurine then it can be harmful for them. So, next time you think of interchanging the food, remember it will not guarantee best of health for your pet.

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