Which is the best to learn : Web development or Java programming?

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Which is the best to learn : Web development or Java programming?

If I have two options then what is the best for self improvement and future career from Web development and Java programming

Answers (2)

Java programming is the best to learn from Web development because from java programming many things can be learned in comparison to Web development.

Java mainly used to design Embedded systems, eCommerce applications, electronic trading systems, data processing projects, Mobile applications including Android applications, Enterprise applications.

Java is best because of it is offers higher cross(desktops, mobiles, embedded systems) functionality and portability. It is like C and C++ compiled independent of platform language that allows the program to run on any machine which has a JVM installed. 

Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse SDK and NetBeans which have debugging capability and offer integrated development environment. 

I Think Java is good for application as well for developer for his/her career..because it's ever green language like C or C++. 

Yes agree. By learning core java you can go in both ways in web(j2ee) as well as in mobile(android).

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