Which nation brews the world's best coffee?

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Which nation brews the world's best coffee?

With the growing demand of coffee on a day to day life, a coffee bar or café can be found in several areas of a city.

From college to hospitals coffee machines never fail to make their place. Being the world's 3rd most consumed beverage, coffee has been popular for many years. Various cafes are offering different variants of coffee with new and classic recipes. Nowadays the coffee tradition is very common among the youngsters. Not only youngsters, coffee is becoming everyone's favorite substantially.

Many love stories start over a simple coffee time meet. Many cafes provide reading facilities which make it very easy for many people to read their favorite books over a cup of coffee. Coffee houses have become the most common hangout place to meet and spend some quality time with friends.

With the rising demand of coffee all around the world, it has become an important commodity in today's generation. Coffee has been in demand for years but nowadays new business plans and coffee house tradition has made it to the top, in most business sectors.

Many countries produce and brew coffee of better quality but Brazil comes in the top position. The main type of coffee beans which is Arabica beans is produced in this country. The largest producer and brewer of coffee in the world, Brazil produces the best varieties of coffee. The most expensive variants of coffee are produced in Brazil. The states where the best coffee is produced and brewed in Brazil are Gerais, Parana, and Sao Paulo. These three states have acres of land spread with the coffee cultivation. The best climate that helps in producing coffee is found in these areas of the country.

The nature of producing coffee and brewing in Brazil is also quite different as they make the coffee fruit dry in the hot sun rather than washing them and then drying, in doing so, the best coffee beans are produced. Else than Brazil various other countries also brew coffee. Brazil being the top producer and brewer, many countries also follow it. Among the list of top 10 countries, Brazil comes first.

After Brazil comes the Vietnam, Vietnam is the second largest producer and brewer of coffee in the whole world. The famous Vietnamese coffee is a delight and the recipe is a sweet version of coffee. Vietnam is a major exporter of coffee and also makes the tastiest coffee.

Third place is been taken by Colombia. Colombia was previously used to be the second largest brewer of coffee but with climatic change in the country, the coffee production had faced problems. With a large production rate of Vietnam, made the country of Colombia be in the third position of the coffee producing and brewing countries. The Columbian coffee is rich in flavor and is famous worldwide.

The fourth place is taken by Indonesia. Here the quality of coffee is not as good as Arabica beans but the type of coffee beans brewed here matches other countries in quality. The Robusta beans are produced here. but the amount produced is not very high, so it occupies the fourth place in the world list of coffee brewing countries. The very famous Kopi Luwak variant of coffee which is one of the most expensive coffee in the world is found here.

The fifth position is taken by Ethiopia. Here the coffee is a major factor in their country's economy. The country has a rich culture of coffee and is known as the origin of a number of famous coffee bean types including Arabica beans. The variants of Arabica beans of coffee are produced and brewed in this region.

The sixth position is given to India in the coffee brewing and production. India exports eighty percent of the production and brewing to the world. The best climatic condition to produce coffee is found in the southern hilly regions of the country. Indian coffee production is done by planting the coffee alongside spices like cardamom which gives the Indian coffee a unique spicy taste to it and makes it more aromatic.

The seventh position is occupied by Honduras. This region is not very famous when it comes to coffee brewing as most of its coffee is used in blending method. Coffee plays a vital part in the country’s economy but is not as famous as Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees.

Then comes in the eighth position, Uganda. The nation is not as famous as other coffee growing nation but it has made Mexico move to the ninth position in the list of top coffee brewing countries. Here both the Robusta and Arabica beans of coffee are found. Coffee plays a very important part in the economy of the nation.

The ninth position is taken by Mexico. Mexico plays a very important role in USA coffee consumption as it exports the most to the nation. Mexico produces and brews very high quality of the Arabica type of beans and thus is known for good quality of the coffee.

The last position is taken by Guatemala which comes in the tenth position and was one of the top brewers in Central America but the position was taken by Honduras. However, the coffee export is very important part of the nation.

There are various regions where coffee is being brewed and produced and all the countries that make the top ten list have their unique quality of coffee but the top most nation, Brazil is known for the best coffee since ages and also produces the various types of quality coffee beans. Therefore it deserves to be the best coffee brewing country.

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