Why is Kim Kardashian Famous?

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Why is Kim Kardashian Famous?

Did you know there isn't just a sex tape that makes Kim Kardashian famous? There are several other reasons why she's a holy spirit for her fans. Critics may do their work, but followers believe her success is really what she deserves.

If you still don't understand how did Kim Kardashian become famous or why is Kim Kardashian famous, let us open you up to a whole new world where she isn't materialistic, selfish or just a sex icon.

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Why Is Kim Kardashian Famous?

#1. Kim Kardashian has managed to overcome taboos and violations of the society that deprecates her for her fearless personality.

#2. She refuses to disappear even after being body shamed and slut shamed from more than a decade.

#3. She literally cares for all her loyal supporters. She once flew all the way across the country just to meet a few of them on her birthday.

#4. Kim is actually a genuine person. What presents would you ask if it's your baby shower celebration? She asked donations for establishing a children's hospital in Chicago.

#5. Her wedding with Kris Humphries is assumed to be the day that brought her fortune. Whereas, an estimated $2,00,000 gifts the couple received were donated to charity.

#6. If you thought she's massively superficial, did you know she annually donates 10% of her income to charity?

#7. She's known for her provocative point of views, and the lady has tirelessly worked for raising awareness for several issues.

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#8. Kim used her celebrity fame to even elucidate her viewpoints regarding politics. She was the one who showed disgust over Trump's decision to ban transgenders from military.

#9. Her activism just doesn't end. She once tweeted about the statistics representing how gun crimes kill more people than terrorists. She even visited the families of the victims.

#10. She used her position for talking about racism after North was subjected to the same during a fight.

#11. Interracial relationship bond is what she graced with utmost elegance. First time ever, an interracial couple was on the cover page of Vogue.

#12. She's famous for her very own cosmetic brand, smart phone applications, and mobile game. She exactly knows what's going to sell in future. A collective of three generates hundred million dollars.

#13. Almost 40% of Kim Kardashian's income last year was grossed from the mobile game that was downloaded more than 45 million times.

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#14. How did Kim Kardashian become famous? Social Media! She knew what's going to work well, and what's powerful enough to bring her to the forefront. She accurately captured the idea of self-promotion and connecting with fans through platforms that were quite informal and different from Twitter (then used medium).

#15. She's a marketing genius. She markets herself. She's a perfectionist, she's a workaholic, she's got fame and money and very carefully carves out a scripted image.

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However, her walk towards fame started when a sex tape of hers got leaked back in the year 2007.  Kim Kardashian is sensuous, she brags about her glamorous lifestyle all the time. She's a reality TV star, a multi-faced entrepreneur, has powerful family connections and perfectly normalizes the curvaceous aspects of womanhood.

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