Woo hoo! New star wars Drones are here!

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Woo hoo! New star wars Drones are here!

This one is for all the star war fans out there. The news that we have today is pretty interesting and is actually about the new start war drones which are on their way to lighten up your boring time. These drones will let you fly with the speed of about 40 meters per hour and just imagine what else you can do with the striking lasers along. You can fight with others and it will look just like the real world laser fights. Wow! I could never even imagine that one day I can ever see these drones in my real life. The idea of bringing the fun and magic from the movies to the real world is quite fantastic and they have brought life to toys.

If we talk about the look of the drones, you will not be disappointed as each drone is exceptionally hand painted, numbered, packed and finished in a very dashing box that too has the music inbuilt in it. The main features of the drones include reverse propulsion blade system which helps you achieve the speed, laser battle game, push button 360 aerial stunts and three-speed settings that are for beginners as well as experienced pilots. Currently, they have only got a license for sale only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa while soon they will start the sale in the US also. The makers have paid a true tribute to all the fans of star wars. Still you will have to wait for some time to get these. But it will cost around 240$ each and you can pre-order it if you want. It is guaranteed that these will be shipped well in time. Fortunately, we will be plating with them soon.

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