Do drone pilots train on video games?

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Do drone pilots train on video games?

While it is true that drone pilots do not train officially on video games, the fact cannot be denied that video games are useful in enhancing their piloting skills. One also has to agree to the fact that drone is not one of the favorite machines any pilot would like to handle. Instead, pilots would prefer flying remotely piloted aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles.

However, piloting a drone goes much beyond using a joystick and pressing that red button. In fact, operating a drone requires precise military skills as the analytical mind is required to take critical decisions as the drone is mostly in enemy territory.

This leads to a critical question as to how different is it to operate a drone from playing a video game. However, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a study has found out that people who play video game are also much suited to fly drones since they pay increased attention to many multiple details at the same time.

Drones have been put to multiple uses and in fact, it depends on its usage if any particular kind of skill is needed to pilot the same. While a drone flying to access weather conditions can be handled by scientists, the same will need strategic military professionals in case of a covert military operation.

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