Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?

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Yes, please Yes. Why are you even thinking about it? The answer to the question should be a given yes, no further thoughts. Okay, probably my excitement explains that I am a die-hard fan of video games, but imagine, wouldn’t it be cool if we tell all our friends and families, that we are national level video games player. Life will be sorted!

No one will ever trouble us with constant nagging about our gaming habits and rather would take pride in the fact that we are such good video games player. It will also clear other people’s perception who feel that video games have nothing but detrimental effects on your health. That’s not true, it’s a myth. Rather, do you know, video games are actually beneficial to us. It not only allows our reflexes to sharpen up but even allow our motor skills to develop and be receptive to new inventions. Moreover, it is an activity so why not consider it to be a sport. Cmon, that’s the least we can do to promote good video gamers to actually pursue it as a profession.

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We thank you for posting your query on our website. You have asked a pretty thought-provoking question. And upon vigorous considerations, we come to a conclusion that the probability of turning a video game into a sport remains 50-50. To determine whether a video game can be regarded as a sport or not requires a tremendous amount of introspection on the part of many different authorities. If we refer to the Oxford dictionary, a sport is essentially an activity that involves some sort of physical exertion and the skills to compete against a team or a particular individual. The games pertain more to the athletic category and require investing stamina, agility, and strength on the part of the player. Plus, there need to be at least one or more players in each session. Video games involve no physical exertion. But, the definition of the sport just does not restrict to the one we just mentioned. There are several other versions to the definition of “sport” and a few of those definitely prove video games to be equivalent to an athletic game that involves mental exertion along with the team and/ or individual competitiveness. There is not just one but multiple genres when it comes to video games. They contain diverse strategies. And people around the world have been competing on some or the other level and have also been winning awards as well as recognition.

If you do not know about any such games, let us tell you about one such video game that was appreciated by many. There is a very popular MMO strategy video game called by the name of "League of Legends." The creators held a competition and gave out prize money of $1 million to the winner in the year 2015. It is hard to assume the same to be true, but that is how things are. There is a widespread popularity of some hardcore video games that have changed the perception of common people. The market is developing for professional players. A few of those even go through proper mind training to train their brain along with gain better concentration and judgment abilities. Even the young players are trying to set their foot in the gaming profession.

Therefore, such a scenario makes it possible for video games to be considered as national or international level sports in the near future. As the participating generation starts getting older and the scene develops intensely, video games might form a solid foundation to be qualified for entering the world of greater sports. But, under the current set up, online games have low-cut chances of being delegated with the recognition of being an Olympic game!

We hope you will find the answer to what you have been looking for. Thank you for your query. We will be looking forward to more such interesting questions from your end!

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It is tricky to consider video games as sports considering its impact on people particularly kids. The market of video games has been on a boom in past few decades. A number of them are available online and are just a touch away from anyone's reach. Moreover, if we go by the general definition of sports, then the category refers to the physical activities carried out under an agreed set of rules for recreational purposes. If we go by this definition, then video games do not adhere to all the rules that apply to this category. There is minimal or no physical activity involved in most of the video games. A person is more likely to play the game through his or her analytical, cognitive and visual abilities while playing a video game. Some of the researchers have suggested that playing a video game can make a person more intelligent and smart, but the overall take on the topic is still controversial. In most cases, kids are so drawn towards the video games that they forget about the importance of social life. They prefer staying isolated and face withdrawal tendencies. Whether or not, video games are healthy for a person is still in doubt. While most of the sports help a person to stay physically fit and charged, there isn't anything like this involved in a video game. Most of the video games are designed in a way that the person playing it has to complete a goal and then he or she will reach the next level. These levels keep on growing. Mostly, video games come with many versions. Therefore, there is no set limit or time frame in which one can finish a game. This leads to a lot of anxiety and stress. The situation is worse in the cases of children. In certain circumstances, the video games can also end up forcing people to commit suicide. In this digitalized world, when people are already so addicted to technology, what good lies in considering video games as sports and giving impetus to a trend which is already causing much harm. We already need some time and space off technology and go outside to breathe. If we consider even video games as sports then people will remain confined to the virtual world, glued to their screens. It is hard to believe that video games can accomplish the purpose of sports. Video games cannot force a person to be active physically. I do not think that it is at all a good idea to consider video games as sports. We already have so many activities under sports category that are even fulfilling the purpose they are meant to serve. Then, what is the need of dragging sports in a virtual world when we are already of the hazardous effects of playing games for too long? Kids are already going through a bad phase because of this trend. Instead of considering video games as sports, we should instead try to help children to go out, breathe and engage in physical activities.

I don't trust that computer games ought to be viewed as a game. There isn't any physical movement required with playing computer games, subsequently can't be delegated a game. Chess isn't viewed as a game nor is checkers, so for what reason should computer games be delegated a game? Envision playing computer games as an Olympic game?

A movement including physical effort. Playing a computer game has nothing to do with physical exertion.Playing a computer game is moving your thoumb forward and backward and decaying your mind. I dont believe that football or softball will decay your brian in the event that anything it will help your mind on speculation a head and arranging. Computer games dont do that whatever they do is given you a chance to live in a fantacy world.

Sitting on your butt eating chips, popcorn, pop and sweet while moving your thumbs isn't a game. Playing a game requires physical movement not moving your thumbs. Individuals who call it a game are simply calling it one since they dont play one. Computer games are not a game.

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