5 Worst Presidents In United States' History

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5 Worst Presidents In United States' History

The President of the United States of America is not just any other leader. The President is the chief of the world’s strongest country both in terms of military and financial might. He is a critical person who has a say in not only how America works, but how the world works.

While there have been many influential and iconic US presidents who shaped up America and the world for good, not all the Presidents are missed once they leave the White House. While you may remember Abraham Lincoln almost in God’s regard, you will never fancy the likes of George Bush or Donald Trump in the same light.

With Donald Trump going berserk with his erratic policy making and lack of political experience, it made us wonder if there have been worse Presidents in the White House. So, we made a list of the worst US Presidents who were at the helm of some infamous decision making and were also responsible for the Great Depression in the US. Take a look:

#1.James Buchanan

Lincoln became US president in 1860 but didn’t take up office until the next year. So, James Buchanan resided in the White House for over four months, mostly as a lame duck President. His short tenure was perhaps of one of the most irresponsible US Presidents ever. Under his reign, 7 states passed a resolution of withdrawal from the United States of America. However, Mr. President sat idly, taking no action that gave these 7 states time to form a government and also take up arms for a civil war that lasted for over four years and claimed around 600,000 American lives. His Presidency: Irresponsible

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#2.Richard Nixon

Nixon had the brain of an actual political prodigy. He was responsible for many good things in his tenure like improving bilateral ties with China, pulling back America from the Vietnamese war and supporting many progressive domestic policies. However, he is on this list for his uneven judgment and deeply suspicious character. He used unfair means to become the president. He will always be remembered for the infamous Watergate Scandal where he tried to hinder investigations into a petty crime against his campaign operatives and eventually resigned after being impeached. His Presidency: Criminal

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#3.George W Bush

He was the son of a former President and had been victorious in one of the most nail-biting elections of all time. However, his tenure began on the worst possible note. 9/11 happened in the first year of his reign, and he was widely criticized for ignoring intelligence reports. He could’ve stopped the trade center from falling had he been a little cautious about the Intel reports. Apart from that, he will always be infamously remembered for what he did with Iraq and Afghanistan that proved too costly wars for the US and tattered its image on the global stage. His Presidency: Ignorant

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#4.Herbert Hoover

Like James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover is on this list because he was responsible for one of the two biggest calamities to hit the US: The Great Depression that started in 1929. He could’ve been a good President; he certainly was a good person. However, his fundamental belief of a self-correcting economy led to the crash of the stock market in 1929 producing the worst economic downturn in US’ history. As people started losing jobs by the hundreds, he did little to ensure that US citizens see through the rough phase of Depression. He tinkered when the call for action was of bold moves. His Presidency: Thoughtless

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#5.Donald Trump

Yes, it has just been a few months into his Presidential tenure, and he hasn’t done anything that is half as bad as the men above him, but the fact that he is the most hated US President ever needs a distinctive look. Starting right from his campaigning days where he indulged in misogynistic comments during one of his Presidential debates, to his leaked video where he could he heard objectifying women, He has been guilty of many things. He is a man driven by his ego and that showed in his agendas before the elections as well. He wanted to impose bans on people from several countries and had a worrying stance on women’s reproductive rights. More recently, he let America down on the global stage by pulling out of the Paris climate accord as he termed the threat of climate change as a mere 'hoax.' His Presidency so far: Unhinged

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Who do you think has been the worst US President? Let us know in the comments below.

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