15 Most Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee That Nobody Knows

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15 Most Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee That Nobody Knows

Bruce Lee was born on 27th November 1940 in U.S. He is the citizen of Hong Kong. He made a huge progress in his career when he entered the Hollywood industry. He also tried his hand in film direction.

Bruce Lee is the first Hong Kong (and Chinese) man to enter Hollywood and make a mark. He was a pop culture icon of the 20th century and was the most influential martial artist of all time.

There are many less known facts about him that we’d like to share with you on his 44th death anniversary:

#1. He was known to be so fast with his moves that his films were made slow to coordinate with his fast moving actions.

#2. Lee’s mother believed that demons attacked little boys. Therefore, in order to protect him, she gave him a girl’s name: Lee Jun-fan, when he was a little boy.

#3. He has never lost a fight. Except for this one time, when he was 13 and messed up with the street kids.

#4. He developed his own martial arts technique called Lee Jun-fan.

#5. Lee was famous for his one-inch punch where he could damage his opponent badly with just one inch of body contact.

#6. He used only a single hand’s thumb and index finger to do push-ups.

#7. Bruce Lee played table tennis with nunchucks (two sticks attached with a small piece of chain).

#8. Daily workout schedule of Bruce Lee: 2,000 kicks, 5,000 punches, 200 leaning twists, 200 frog kicks, 100 sit up twists, and 100 leg raises.

#9. Times Magazine declared Bruce Lee as the Most Influential Person of the 20th century.

#10. He has nine unbeatable world records.

#11. He easily inserted his fingers in a sealed can of coca-cola.

#12. Lee holds the world record to kick 6 legs in one second.

#13. With his amazing signature move, ‘step side kick’, he could knock a 200-pound man 20 meters away while Lee was just 130 pounds.

#14. Bruce Lee was not only a great fighter but also an incredible dancer. In fact, he also won the 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha championship.

#15. His death was the result of allergic reaction from a painkiller due to which his brain swell.

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no, just a dedicated martial arts practitioner!!

I think that Bruce Lee, in his short journey, proved that he might actually be a super human. There are so many things related to him that let us believe our trust on the point that he might not be some average human. Although, there is a possibility that he was an average human being. This makes us think deep that humans are capable of doing so much, only if we focus and work hard.

According to me the real kick in Bruce Lee's life was the problem when he lost the fight with the street kid. That fight was the real game changer in his life and the ultimate motivation to him that made him who he is today was because of that fight. We all should take inspiration from him that if a person wants he/she could do anything and everything happen. There is nothing like impossible in this world. All that is there is in our mind. We choose to do a thing or not do it out of fear or any other emotion due to that feeling only.

If we think that something can happen, then it will happen we just have to hang on to it and work in its direction to make it happen and then the world would go like WHAAAAT!

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