41 Times When The Legendary Actress Rekha Looked Like A God Sent Angel

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41 Times When The Legendary Actress Rekha Looked Like A God Sent Angel

The gorgeous Rekha has been known for her beauty, style, and elegance throughout her term in the Bollywood. Age is just a number for her. Plus all her styles are mesmerizing and worth noticing. In fact, the sheer thought of this charming lady is enough to let all the sparks and butterflies fly. Her lively personality lets us endlessly swirl with adoration and enchantment.

Moreover, her love for Kanjeevarams and Silk sarees is somewhat a universal fact for the world. Rekha definitely must be maintaining one of the most desirable Kanjeevaram and other Silk saree collections. Be it her shimmering golden sarees or the rich reds to the subtle off-whites, whites, and creams - she has been carrying it all with the utmost sophistication!

All her styles are unquestionably timeless, and one would want to get a similar look for themselves.

Therefore, let's have a look at best 41 styles carried off gracefully by the very beautiful Rekha that made her look like a god sent damsel.

1. Rekha is sporting a stunning Golden saree look. She can easily make gold itself feel trivial. 

(Image Courtesy: Limeroad)

2. Golden teamed up with Maroon is another combination that she evidently likes wearing.

Either it's mostly gold or ones clubbed with reds. And just look at that little purse she carries with this look. Purses could probably be Rekha's second best thing in her entire collection!

(Image Courtesy: Makeup and Beauty)

3. With the waves of a golden silk saree, Rekha here graciously poses with a Filmfare award and again a compact clutch. 

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

4. Gold and Rekha are an evergreen combination that can never be separated! 

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

5. Apart from gold, even whites, off whites and cream colors are amongst her favorites. Here she sports a look with a golden blouse along with a cream color saree, a cute clutch purse, and an even more attractive smile. 

(Image Courtesy: Bollywood Vogue)

6. Rekha has been wearing sarees since her entry in the Bollywood industry. Here she enrobes a chiffon saree in beautiful shades of blue styled with a basic makeup! What an intense look!

(Image Courtesy: Tumblr)

7. You can see Rekha in another lovely silk saree with Farzana (her soul sister cum secretary) in the backdrop.  She increases the auspiciousness of an event with her presence.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

8. Black, golden and white complete her look perfectly! This saree style can undoubtedly be someone's dream style.

(Image Courtesy: India Times)

9. The divine color Maroon represents strength. It symbolizes passion, love, and determination.  With sheer excellence, Rekha sports a lovely style with this Maroon saree and least jewelry.

(Image Courtesy: Indian Express)

10. OMG, just look at her in this gorgeous black and velvet saree. 

(Image Courtesy: Kerala Pals)

11. Mesmerizing, hypnotizing, spellbinding.! Well, we are short of adjectives for this Rekha wearing golden and green.

(Image Courtesy: Panash India)

12. Truly, age is just a number for her.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

13. Do they have awards for the best look in saree?

(Image Courtesy: Rediff)

14. Check out Rekha in Showstopping Gold, Turquoise, and Royal Blue Saree

(Image Courtesy: Filmi Beat)

15. Elegant, dignified and charming: The Lady in Golden Attire

(Image Courtesy: Indian News 99)

16. She can give competition even to the brides.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

17. No wonder she epitomizes the real Indian beauty.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

18. Awestruck Sumptuousness!

(Image Courtesy: Bollywood Vogue)

19. Beauty has another synonym, Rekha. Check out the beautiful silk she is wearing.

(Image Courtesy: Miss Malini)

20. Still a South Siren, Right?

(Image Courtesy: Bollywood Vogue)

21. They say Rekha loves Kanjeevaram, no, the truth is Kanjeevaran loves Rekha.

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

22. This Diva knows how to stay golden.

(Image Courtesy: India)

23. The Filmfare lady must be jealous here.

(Image Courtesy: Saree Dreams)

24. Gold, Gold, Gold - the god sent angel spreads the magic of color here!

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

25. It seems golden color was a childhood friend.

(Image Courtesy: Rekha The Legend Blogspot )

26. Have you seen such an exquisiteness anywhere?

(Image Courtesy:  Rekha The Legend Blogspot) 

27. Aaj Blue hai Rekha, Rekha, Rekha!

(Image Courtesy:  Rekha The Legend Blogspot) 

28. Purple the color of the elegant Rekha! Did you see the unique blouse design?

(Image Courtesy:  Rekha The Legend Blogspot) 

29. After all, who knows color combination better than Rekha?

(Image Courtesy: Boutique Sarees) 

30. Star plus artistry plus nobility = Rekha

(Image Courtesy: Vogue India

31. One word for refreshing, feminine, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, love, tranquility, patience...Rekha.

(Image Courtesy: Metro Mela)

32. Utsav's Rekha could bring in the moment of festivity even in melancholy. Check out her amazing, Goddess Style Saree.

(Image Courtesy: Indian Express)

33. Golden is her favorite color, and we cannot say it more.

(Image Courtesy: South India Fashion)

34. How does Rekha manage to look drop dead gorgeous each time! Velvet blouse, silk saree, the color gold, red lipstick and on spot jewelry - Perfectly Rekha!

(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

35. Rekha doesn't only believe in looking all traditional but also likes blending the best of the two worlds (old and contemporary). Here she sports a trendy and casual look with a linen saree and SPORTS SHOES.

(Image Courtesy: Yahoo News)

36. Rekha poses with the famous Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra

(Image Courtesy: boutique sarees)

37. This might be Rekha's 'Beauty doing Charity' look.

(Image Courtesy: Voompla)

38. Doesn't she look like a style goddess here?

(Image Courtesy: The Quint)

39. Golden with off-white plus Rekha = An eternal combination

(Image Courtesy: Indiatimes)

40. We could not think of any label here, Rekha says it all.

(Image Courtesy: Rediff)

41. Rekha looks so sensuous here in carbon black and pink saree that she should be banned. 

(Image Courtesy: Indian Expres)

(Featured Image Courtesy: Telfie)


The acting school of effortless talent is an eternal diva. Long live Rekhaji. God bless you with good health and assignments which are worth potential your acting profess. Love you, now, forever and thereafter.

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