6 Tips to be a Successful Twitch Streamer

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If you think you are very good at gaming, start streaming on Twitch. This platform encourages gamers to have a followership of their own. And make money. However, success does not come that easy. You have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve it. Luck plays an essential role as well, btw. It is similar to uploading videos on YouTube just to realize one day that you are pretty famous among people. In fact, vlogging and blogging are quite popular among masses. Many people are familiar with the concept. But the majority is not familiar with gaming platforms and how they can help you earn money. There are a couple of prerequisites, though. And having a high-speed Internet to stream online is the most crucial one. Hence, subscribe to uninterrupted service like the one offered by Spectrum Internet plans. Because the moment the online game starts to buffer, you pretty much lose.

Anyhow, here are other tips for you to follow if you wish to become a successful Twitch streamer: 

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Invest in a Good Computer 

High-speed Internet is a need for your success as a Twitch streamer. But you cannot neglect the importance of a good quality computer. Now, this varies from game to game. If you are more into PC games and play them frequently, then you will require a graphics card that is strong enough to support the same. An ideal investment would be in a card that supports DirectX 10 or up. Apart from this, ensure that the Internet connection you have is capable of delivering a speed of at least 3MB per second. Anything less than this is not at all acceptable. As far as the specs of the computer that you should play games on goes, here’s what you should aim for:

At least Intel Core i5-4670 processor 

8 GB of RAM

Windows 7 or newer

And if you are worried about the type of computer that you should stream from, even a laptop would do. However, the better and the most favorable option is the desktop. And there can be times when you will need two PCs. Because intense games can put a load on your computer.

With Dedication Comes Success 

You need to dedicate most of your time to up your Twitch game. On average, you will need to give it a good 12-13 hours as a beginner. And once you have gained some fame, you can reduce the time to 7-8 hours a day. However, you should know that you will have to work on Sundays too. As a beginner, you cannot afford to take a day off. Because that would mean that you lose some popularity. Consistency and dedication are the two core requirements for you to be a successful Twitch streamer. Once you have made a name for yourself, you can be flexible with the timings.

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! 

People will only get to know about you when they hear about you. And they won’t be aware of your existence unless you promote yourself. And you will have to put in a lot of hard work in promoting your stream. When you start a channel, you won’t have any followers. That is when you will have to ask 5-10 of your friends to join your channel. Once that is done, your channel will fall into the Twitch category. This will just be the beginning. Moving on, you will have to promote yourself on any social media platforms that you are a part of. Even if you are not a fan of any social media site, you will have to make an effort to buy adverts on that. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name a few.

Build a Community 

Twitch is instantaneous in nature and that makes it a very popular platform among gamers. And the exclusive feeling that one gets by watching Twitch live is just worth the time. And if you want to build a community of your own, you will have to keep the following in mind:

Engage with your viewers as often as you can. Although you are expected to respond to your viewers instantaneously on Twitch, you can’t ignore them on other social media platforms. You should also be very particular in responding to their questions on Facebook and Twitter, for example. 

Networking is the key. And you can network with other streamers by hosting or raiding their streams. But that is once you are done with your own stream.


Collaborating is a very good idea if you want to become a successful Twitch streamer. Because this enables you to share communities. So, here is what happens. You can send your viewers to another streamer once you have finished your streaming.

Have a Contingency Plan 

You should not continue playing a single game. Because if that game dies, you die. Literally. Depending on just one game and having no contingency plan is the worst that you can do to yourself. Therefore, keep learning and playing other games once or twice a week as well.

Apart from all this, you should also invest in a good kit. And that includes microphones along with the PC. And I can’t stress enough on the need to opt for a service provider that offers high-speed and uninterrupted Internet. You can choose from a pool of service providers. I always select from spectrum select channel lineup, the deal or plan that suits my needs. Of course, you can choose the one that pleases you.

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