A good and complete newspaper

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A good and complete newspaper

Newspaper readers in our day can no longer be hoodwinked; they are very vigilant and demanding, fussy and fastidious. Their expectations should be fulfilled by offering them an upright, first-rate, comprehensible newspaper.

A newspaper can be compared to a modern day departmental store as everything is precisely arranged in both.

Readers now a day cannot be bluffed. A newspaper especially Page 1, which is known as the face of the daily, must be attractive not only visually but intelligently too.

A good mix up story should be present in the first page every day.

Newspapers are aptly termed as the pulse of the nation and the readers must be allowed to feel the sensation by holding its pulse.

A good newspaper must be balanced. It can be commended as a good and complete daily only when it is able to protract the interest of its subscribers and readers.

A good newspaper is a fountain of unlimited information. It is like a guide who takes the readers across the globe and keeps them updated about the latest phenomenon.

In the current era of Internet and 24*7 live news, innovation, and sophistication, newspapers and magazines rallies round gimmicks and cosmetics to make themselves plausible, acceptable and respectable. It is like icing on the cake.

Newspapers are now adding color in almost all pages, sometimes exceeding the minimum required level.

A newspaper is accolade as good only if the editing is good. It should have a sensible distribution of stories.

A good and complete newspaper should have effectual and striking editorials. The printing should be flawless and the quality of printing should also be outstanding.

(A newspaper is only considered as good if it has a personality, and is distinguishable from other newspapers. A good and complete newspaper has heaps of new-fangled and entertaining news, alongside other features to cheer and regale its readers from across all age groups.

It should also have a social purpose, and should be able to influence the readers, create public opinion and public debates on earthshaking events and occurrences.

A good and complete newspaper is one that the readers pick up to read and then contemplate on the stories and not throw it away after reading it.)

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