Are you happy with Dhoni steps down as India's captain,Makes Way For Virat Kohli?

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Are you happy with Dhoni steps down as India's captain,Makes Way For Virat Kohli?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni took the cricketing world by surprise again as he stepped down as captain of India's limited overs captain.

The 35-year-old batsman and wicketkeeper, who lead India to the no.1 position in cricket has announced his retirement from his role as captain of the Indian limited overs (ODI and T20) side. He had retired from Tests during the away tour in Australia in Dec 2014. His records are : Led India in 60 Tests from that 27 wins, 15 draws, 18 losses., While from 199 ODIs 110 wins and 74 losses and from 73 T20Is 41 wins and 28 losses.

Under him India were number one ranked Test side in 2009.

World cup victory in 2011 at home.

The leader of the T20 side in 2007 winning the inaugural edition of WT20.

He was instinctively defensive as a captain, always looks for slow the flow of runs, rather than aiming for quick wickets. His methods of captaincy was very well and trustworthy in limited overs matches.

His records are not bed in current time but then after he has left their captaincy is sawing maturity of thinking for India's future as he make a space for Virat Kohli who doing well as captain in Test matches. Dhoni's Fan also think positively regarding this and saying : "With the burden of captaincy off his shoulders, fans are now hoping that Dhoni will stick to the carefree and fearless brand of batting that shot him into the spotlight."

Are you happy with Dhoni steps down as India's captain ?

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Virat Kohli deserved to be the captain. He has succeeded in moulding the players to respond to his outlook. His aggressive approach and delivery paid such rich dividends in Tests that Indian cricket must strive to protect it for as long as possible. 


I think Virat Kohli has that capability to drive the team India from the front and he is in the pick form. Undoubtedly, Dhoni has given so much for our team India but because of the rotational method I think the decision is absolutely right one.

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