Ayurveda or Homeopathy which is better ?

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Ayurveda or Homeopathy which is better ?

Ayurveda and Homeopathy are both medicine treatments are popular alternative medicine. They different by modes of treatment. I think Homeopathy is more effective what you says about it ?

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  • Ayurveda and Homeopathy both are alternative medical systems. It is difficult to decide which is great. God knows who will get maximum health benefit out of which system.

  • Let us try to understand the meaning of both.

  • Ayurveda meaning: It is the system of medicine mentioned in age-old Indian scriptures. As per History of Ayurveda, it was descended from Gods. Now it is practiced in various parts of the world.

  • Homeopathy meaning: It is the system of medicine described by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. As per Homeopathy definition, 'It is a system in which minuscule doses of natural drug substances are prescribed to cure the disease symptoms, which otherwise if given in large doses, are capable of producing similar symptoms in healthy individuals'.

  • It is difficult for a person to grasp Homeopathy meaning  in one go. Let's try to understand with below example

  • You are aware of what happens if you begin to cut an onion. Tears would start flowing from your eyes. Some may feel nose burn during the process. Now, as per Homeopathy, if you take a minuscule quantity of onion and give it to the person suffering from similar symptoms, then it would cure these symptoms.
  • Truly, there is a remedy in Homeopathy which is prepared from onion, called as Allium Cepa.

  • One may wonder, how minuscule dose would be so effective...

  • In HIS doctrine, Hahnemann explained the natural law working behind such cures. It is called 'Like cures the like'. And as per Homeopathy principle, the drug substance in an extremely diluted and potentized medicine obeys this principle. No matter how much traceable medicine is, it is capable of curing disease symptoms by natural way.

  • This is true, obviously, you need to study a person who is actually cured by Homeopathy. 
  • This is a very brief introduction to this wonderful health science. It's my observed dynamism that made me vote for Homeopathy and describe Homeopathy meaning  briefly.

  • Should the world ignore Ayurveda then?

  • Obviously no and never...

  • There are a number of disease conditions which truly get benefit from Ayurveda. For example, lifestyle aligning with 'Swashtvrutta' would keep you away from a number of illnesses. Practicing Yoga, Pranayama or Meditation would not only help you with physical/mental stress but also keep you fit and healthy.
  • I have personally seen people benefited from Ayurveda for kidney stones, jaundice etc.

  • There is a strong need of research to reveal the benefits of Ayurveda.

    Ayurveda generally works on human body depends on the balance on the 3 components, wind, bile and phlegm. Any of them imbalance will causes diseases. There are many disciplines of treatment in Ayurveda. These are internal medicine, psychiatry, toxicology, pediatrics, surgery, prevention of diseases and treatment improving the immunity and resistance of the body and aphrodisiacs.

    While..Homeopathy is  "vitalist" philosophy. Various external and internal causes disturb the "vital force" which causes affects to the health. The treatment method in Homeopathy follows the "laws of similars" which means that to rid a person of a disease one has to treat the person with drugs that produce the same symptoms as the disease. 

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