Best Free Hotel / Resort WordPress Themes

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Best Free Hotel / Resort WordPress Themes

Current generation seeks to have the answer of each & every question - online! And this can be made easier for them by owning a website, depending on the platform they opt. Owning a website makes it easier to hunt the potential customers.

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Further on - Let's get flawed to the same…

On the other hand - making a website for your hotel or resort is not anymore an option but it is a factor which is going to help you in reaching the variety of customers.

Next, if you wish to start a hotel type platform, then we have got: 10+ free responsive hotel & resort WordPress themes set, for you - this time to fulfill your desires of getting the theme of your choice.

Websites help hotels to receive a large number of bookings from all over the world. So in order to attract the customers, you need to have an attractive website which is going to build their interest and moreover help them to locate your hotel and help them to book the rooms easily.

After a lot of research here we have found out the best free WordPress hotel themes that are perfect for a hotel booking website. Which is going to make your work easier as well as increase the rate of the customers coming to your hotel.

Come with us, to get elaborated:

Some Of The Best WordPress Hotel Themes

Following are the best multiple hotels & resorts booking WordPress themes, hope best suitable fit for your needs.


Hotelica is a perfectly designed free WordPress theme which is basically designed in such a manner that it can fulfill all the expectations. This theme not only have the animated home page but it can also be used on mobile phones. Which eventually makes the work easier.

In order to make the site attractive, it has the color options as well. You can make the choices of color according to you make the look of your website as you have owned it.

It has an inbuilt option where the customers coming to your hotel can give their reviews. you can go through them and feed of the customers can also be taken.


Resortica tends to be the simplest and very stylish WordPress theme. This site can be easily managed. In order mange, this kind of site one need not have any kind of knowledge related to coding.

Themes which are to be used have great back support. It can be easily customized and have the variety of theme options. Documentation can be done by the customer within the site.

Moreover, it also consists of multiple page layout and it also has a number of fonts you can choose whatever is suitable for you.


Hotel Galaxy is classy as well as the most choosable WordPress theme. You can create any type of hotel or resort website by using this theme. This comes with the clean and modern design. It is well optimized and is fully responsive.

It consists of a large number of google fonts as well as a variety of colors which can be used according to your need. It is fully responsive. In this site, fast loading is done. Which makes it more efficient in terms of its work.


Swing Lite is the kind of theme which is specially designed for showcasing the hospitality sector. It is the free WordPress theme which is considered the most visually beautiful theme for hotels, rooms, accommodation, and rents.

It has the two-page layout which is very attractive. It has inbuilt hotel booking plugin system which makes it easier for the customer to book the rooms fast and according to their choice, it also help them to know whether the room is available or not. This also acknowledges them about the pricing plans and coupons.


VW Hotel is free hotel WordPress theme which is visually very attractive as well as modern. This theme can be used for cafes, barbeque, restaurants, hotels, and even food joints. It may interest you to know that it is built on the latest version of WordPress.

It also This theme consists of peepy design which has complimenting fonts as well as colors.

It has full documentation and as far as design is considered it is fully responsive. Theme options and page layout are also present. The code used in this theme is secured and optimized.


It is going to take time to spread your website worldwide. So if you really want that your website to get recognized by everyone it should be attractive and different at the same time and have the unique features.

I hope this article has helped you.

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