Some Of The Best WordPress Instagram Plugins Of 2018

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Some Of The Best WordPress Instagram Plugins Of 2018

Instagram can be a perfect content source for your online site. Whether you are planning to add photos from your account or from other profiles, Instagram is “the” platform for you. With the help of WordPress Instagram plugins, getting content into a website is easier than before. There are some premium and free plugins available, making it easy to display pictures from the specified Instagram account. While setting the plugin, you can choose the user account to import pictures from. You can further choose the number of items you want to import. You can try adding photo feed from Instagram into pages and posts. Or, if you want, you can display the same in footer or sidebar regions.

Upgrading to the premium ones:

By upgrading to premium Plugins from WordPress, you can do a lot more. The premium tool provides you with the advantages of adding more filters for determining the images to display on site. Some examples are photo tagged with hashtags, images liked by specified user group and even content from set locations. For smaller financial investments, you have premium tools offering more options for how content from Instagram will be displayed on site. You can view displays and presentation options through live demos on plugin pages.

Time for Instagram Feed:

Instagram Feed happens to be a free example of a popular WordPress Instagram plugin. It comes with a handsome user rating and with more than 400,000 active installs already. Once you have adopted your work to WP website, you can start your work by displaying photos from some non-private accounts.

• This plugin offers you the options to create various feeds for your use. Each feed will display pictures from various accounts. It is a great way to ensure that the website gets to display a constant stream of pictures from various sources.

• You will receive loads of control over ways in which images will be displayed on the site. You can further change the height and width of the photos and the number of images, as displayed at one time.

• There is an optional button, providing visitors with the ability to display more content from featured feeds if they plan to. This plugin is no doubt more responsive in nature and will make the Instagram content looks amazing on devices.

• This plugin is updated on a regular basis to make it compatible with the latest changes to the ways Instagram works.

WP Instagram Widget:

You have WP Instagram Widget in the market, which is very easy to use for displaying all your Instagram content on WP website. The setup process is free without any need to authenticate integration. All you have to do is just enter basic details of Instagram account and then choose to display widget on WP website.

This plugin knows how to keep things simple, ensuring the little negative impact on the website’s loading time. There is nothing much in plugin other than displaying photos from Instagram on the website. Therefore, if you are eyeing for that basic yet streamlined option, this plugin might be the one to choose. This WP Instagram Widget has already been tested out and tried on more than 200,000 WP websites and always came out with a positive user rating.

Feed Them Social:

The market houses Feed Them Social, which will not just work on Instagram but can also be your help on Twitter, FB, and Pinterest. If you are looking for a single plugin to display content from the range of social media networks, this plugin is your answer. There is a free version supporting Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, FB albums feeds events and groups, Pinterest pins boards and more.

• If you want, you can upgrade to the premium version for unlocking the ability to display content from FB video feeds, carousels, and even YouTube video feed.

• You can even get some other extensions for Feed Them Social for checking out some other options. Through this plugin, you can display content from the range of accounts and feeds including yours and others. The contents will then get displayed in your pages, posts and other contents will be at the sidebar areas.

• As expected, the content will be mobile friendly. It is the highly sociable plugin and can be customized as per your will. There are selections of feeds for you to choose from. You can definitely view demos of Feed Me Social on plugin homepage.

Enjoy Instagram:

Enjoy Instagram provides you with multiple options on how Instagram content will be displayed on WP page. It has a carousel and photo grid option, and also with the ability to just import content from hashtags and specified user accounts. This plugin ensures that you will receive social media feed integration in just the manner you have liked it. You can further use sidebar widget or some shortcodes for displaying feeds on site. This way, you can always insert feed of content into pages and posts. Details about this plugin can now be easily procured from

In terms of ways to display photos, Enjoy Instagram will never disappoint you. Apart from carousel and grid modes, you can further enable the light box effect on images for viewing larger versions of content. For more details on how this plugin is going to work, log online and procure some demo links for better understanding.

Instagram Journal:

An affordable example of premium WP Instagram plugin has to be Instagram Journal. It has so much more to offer when compared to its free counterparts. Instagram Journal comprises of so many features to help create right IG integration for WP website.

• Some options under filtering photos are choosing to display content from selected users, tagging items with specified forms of hashtags and more.

• In case you are trying out a way to popularize WP website with IG pictures from multiple accounts, this plugin can help you big time.

These are few of the many paid and non-paid Instagram plugins designed for WordPress websites. The market houses so many of them already and you need to find out the features first before using one.

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